Can I download all submissions of all forms at once?

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    Asked on February 13, 2015 at 02:24 AM
    Hi there,is it possible with one click to get all form submissions for all forms downloaded. For example if I have 50 forms and I want them exported as .xlsx file, can I do this in one step? Or would I need to open each form manually and click “export”?Cheers, Chris
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    Answered on February 13, 2015 at 04:42 AM

    Hi Chris,

    If all the forms are identical specifically the fields, you can use this app to combine submissions before downloading it to CSV.

    However, if they are not, I'm afraid you have to go to each form submissions and download each of them to excel.

    Thank you!

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    Answered on February 17, 2015 at 04:32 AM

    Thanks for the reply Elton. So there is no way to download the excel files all at once every 30 days and store them in a dropbox folder?

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    Answered on February 17, 2015 at 08:54 AM


    As mentioned by my colleague, unfortunately, there's no direct option or method to download all your submissions from all your forms all at once, you'll need to check each form submission and download them.

    Regarding the storage of submissions to Dropbox, it is possible, you can integrate different file storage services just like Dropbox then when a submission is received, it is directly uploaded to it. Unfortunately, we don't have a function to set it as a scheduled upload, like upload submissions every 30 days, what the integration does is real time uploading. You can check different file storage services here that you can integrate:

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you.

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    tonia porter 
    Answered on October 21, 2016 at 07:33 AM

    Hi. If i have a lengthy form, is there way to allow my surveyors to start filling out and come back to comete later if they need to? To save their progress?
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    Answered on October 21, 2016 at 07:48 AM

    Hi Tonia, and welcome to JotForm!

    When having a question or experiencing any difficulties, please open your own support thread rather than posting on support threads from other people, and we will be happy to help. Your question has been moved to a dedicated support thread of its own, here:

    We'll be assisting you with your query there, shortly. Thank you.