Separating the latitude and longitude values using map widgets

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    Asked on March 02, 2015 at 02:40 AM

    Hi, I think Jotform is great - but with respect to map widgets, I can only find

    one wich gives me back a URL to Google Maps, although lat+long is included.

    I would like to get those two values separately, i.e. like 2 separate text fields.

    Is that possible?




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    Answered on March 02, 2015 at 09:44 AM

    Hi there,

    If I understand you correctly, you are using the Geolocation Map Widget and you want to get the information of the latitude and longitude right?

    Geolocation map widget will not show a separated value.

    However, the Address Map Locator will show that the latitude and longitude is separated.

    You can use the Address Map Locator Widget:


    Hope this helps. Let us know if you need any help.

    Thank you.

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    Answered on July 16, 2015 at 02:12 PM

    This does show it separated on the form itself, but when you export it to excel, it shows up in 1 column. Is there a way to make this go into separate columns when the info is exported out of JotForm?




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    Answered on July 16, 2015 at 03:54 PM

    To do that Michael, you should use 2 different fields to capture the value, or to split the value once in Excel - for example, if you use GeoLocation widget, you could split the data by splitting it on comma and have it set to return latitude and longitude only.

    The same applies with the Address Map Locator widget - you will need to split the data up in the Excel.

    Now it would be possible to get latitude split to a new field, but it is not possible at this time to separate the longitude as well, using the tools / fields available on your jotform, but if you are embedding the jotform on your website, you could simply add a bit of code to it after grabbing the forms source code, that would make the split to several hidden textboxes, which would then cause the data to show separated in Excel as well.