PDF Form sumbission: Missing data from Matrix fields

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    Asked on March 17, 2015 at 01:47 PM



    We have tested the new PDF form asset and done the following:

    1. Turned the existing "Hotel Form" to PDF Form and saved it locally.

    2. Opened the file and filled part of the form 

    3. Used the "Submit" button at the end of the form to send it.

    4. Logged in our area in jotform and checked the submission received.

    5.Comparing what we sent and what we received found that only part of the form was submitted. The "Onsite amenities" part is missing from submission No 2 of the form.

    Can you please tell us what have we done wrong??

    Herebelow we have included the URL of the form as it was filled locally (submitted) so you can make the comparison to the submission No 2.

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    Answered on March 17, 2015 at 03:42 PM

    It seems like the data entered on the matrix fields is the one missing, right?


    Let me make some test and I'll get back to you in a moment.