Please look at my form and the totals don't work :-( and the taxes also... please help

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    Answered on April 09, 2015 at 04:25 PM

    I have looked at your form:, the field Total does not work as you have to use the  Form Calculation Widget separately in your fields Sous Total, TPS (5%), TVQ (9.975%)and finally Totals (the sum of Sous-Total, TPS (5%), TVQ (9.975%), as follows:

    Calculations for Sous Total:

    Calculations for TPS (5%):

    Calculations for TVQ (9.975%):

    Calculations for Total:


    I made the form demo, please follow the link:

    I can also recommend you to pass the total to a payment integration in order that tax can be also added as self explanatory on the following links:


    I Hope this is useful.

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    Answered on April 09, 2015 at 05:08 PM


    Hi, stephie6, 


    I can see that aury1207 have provided you with some possible answer for your concern.


    However, I just would like to give some additional help, just in case, you might still need it.


    From what I understand, you're having troubles with your form because the Sub-total and Total text fields doesn't populate.

    Here's what you can do. 

    1. Edit your form. Then, select the Condition icon from the menu above. After clicking the icon the "Conditions Wizard" window will appear. You will be given a lot of selections. Choose the option that says, "Update a form field value" and click Next. See the image below for your reference.

    2. Another window will appear, similar to the image below. From there, you need to enter your conditions that's necessary. 

    3. Enter the first condition. Make sure you base it from the requirement of your form. Once you're done with your first condition you will now be able to add new conditions by clicking "Add New Rule" on the bottom-left-corner of the "Conditions Wizard" window. Make sure every Rule is satisfied before adding another rule.

    4. When you're already done filling out every condition needed to satisfy your computation, you may be able to indicate whether you want everything to be filled out first before the output shows or as long as any of the conditions are met then there will be and output. 

    5. After filling every condition out. You also need to set your computations. Once you're done setting your computation, you also need to set where or on what field your output will show. If everything is set you may click Save.

    6. After clicking Save, the window below will show, it's more of like a summary of your first condition. But, it doesn't end here, since that condition is only for your Sub-total. Click "Add New Condition" to add conditions for your Total. 


     7. For your Total field to populate, here's what you need to do. See the images below. 

    8. This will show once you're done with both of your conditions. Just click Finish and test your form.

    Here's an image showing that your Sub-total and Total fields already populate once the other required field are filled out.



    I hope I was able to help you.



    Thank you.