Redirect users to a page where they can print the responses with the form's format?

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    Asked on June 10, 2015 at 03:00 AM

    Hi Charlie,

    Is it possible to send the client to a new page that will show the form with their details and a print button for that when its printed it retains its formatting?

    e.g. the form has fields + submit button. after the submit button is pressed the client is send to /shown his/her form with the responses and original formatting + a print button. At this stage the form is submitted and its up to them if the click print or not.

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    Answered on June 10, 2015 at 03:31 AM


    I believe that's possible, here's a sample form that I did, see if that what's you were expecting:

    Here's how I did mine.

    1. First, I added a text box with name "Print", it is hidden and the value of it will be passed using the URL on our Thank You page.

    2. Add two submit button, one will be use to submit the form while the other will be used for printing only. How do we removed the submit button and only show the "Print" button instead?

    3. We can do that by using a custom CSS code to hide the specific submit button and only display the print button. In my case, I used the Form Designer tool, double click the submit button and add the attribute "display:none" to hide the specific button.

    4. Next, we will show and hide the specific submit buttons depending on the field text box "Print" that we added earlier. Here's mine, I've set two conditional logic.

    IF Field text box "Print?" is equal to "Yes" THEN SHOW the 2nd submit button (the one with a hidden submit button). 

    IF Field text box "Print?" is not equal to "Yes" THEN HIDE the 1st submit button (the one with the submit button only). 

    5. After that, we want to redirect our user to the same form but the fields are prepopulated and there's only a print button, at this time, they have already submitted the form. Here's a guide on how to prepopulate a form:  

    In the "Thank You" setting, choose "Custom URL", and I added this link:[first]={fullName1:first}&fullName1[last]={fullName1:last}&email3={email3}&address4[addr_line1]={address4:addr_line1}&address4[addr_line2]={address4:addr_line2}&address4[city]={address4:city}&address4[state]={address4:state}&address4[postal]={address4:postal}&address4[country]={address4:country}

    Form URL structure:

    Green highlight: my Form URL

    Blue highlight: This is the field name of the text box "Print?", we'll add a value "Yes" here.

    Yellow highlight: These are the fields in the form, we'll fetch their field name and their field value and prepopulate that link.


    I hope that helps. Do let us know if you need more information on this.

    Thank you.