I need to know how (or if) I can make a multi-person approval process work in Jot Form.

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    Asked on October 26, 2015 at 12:19 PM

    I have three forms set up right now to begin to design this form process.  Here is what I would like to happen...or please let me know if these need to be assigned a different way.

    I would like Sub Form - Employee Section (Form 1) to be filled out and submitted.  A link to the Sub Form - Sub Section (Form 2) should be emailed to the Sub employee, and the fields with the same name in Sub Form - Sub Section (Form 2) should become pre-populated with those details from Form 1.  Then the Sub Employee should fill out the rest of the Sub Section (Form 2), and submit it. Finally, a link to the Sub Form - Department Leader approval (Form 3) should be emailed to the Department Leader, with all fields pre-populated with the information from same-name fields in the previous forms.  When Department Leader submits Form 3, an email should go to the Employee, the Sub, the Department Leader, and payroll@suncountrysports.com.

    I am not a web designer, so I do not understand all of the instructions in your forums about pre-filling fields with information, saving a form to continue later, etc.  If there is a simpler way to create this form sequence, please let me know.

    I need an employee who is taking time off to list on a form the days, times, and shifts she wants covered, and to be able to email this to a substitute employee.  Then I need the substitute employee to be able to sign that form, agreeing to cover the shifts (or to respond "no", I can't work this shift), and I need the form showing the sub's signature to go to the Department Leader for these two employees.  Then I need the Department Leader to approve or deny this request for a sub to cover the shift, and I need the Department Leader's response to be emailed to all of the employees involved plus payroll@suncountrysports.com.

    Thank you for your assistance on this matter.  These are the three forms:





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    Answered on October 26, 2015 at 01:55 PM


    I would recommend using a single form with an approval type workflow.  Here is a thread describing how to get the workflow set up:


    I believe this is the setup you are looking for and would be much simpler than your current setup.

    If you have any trouble getting this set up in your own form, let us know and we will be happy to help.