Some suggestions regarding the email scenario the last days

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    Asked on October 30, 2015 at 05:06 PM

    hello jotform,


    first let me say, i like your service, it's mostly stable, reasonably priced and fun to work with.

    said that, i have to state that i will have to leave your service, if something like what happened the last days (lost notifications, no emails) returns without any improvement regarding your handling of such situations. and i think many customers of yours will.

    here are some simple suggestions:


    1a) tell your customers, that they "might" not get any email notifications, when you get hold of the slightest glimpse.

    i for myself have not many customers, but they pay much, and nearly all my first contacts go thru jotform. so if i don`t get notifications, i lose much money, customers and potential multipliers. and in this case i noticed two days later (without any incoming notifications) thru a customers who said, he filled out a form at least twice, why i
    wouldn´t respond.

    after i recalled, i had gotten an email by you that you moved servers and everything was really going well, i counted two and two together. but only then ... and by then i had some potential clients lost, some clients not responded etc. this simply means losing money for me.

    1b) and i still haven´t got any email by jotform, that customers, who might not have gotten any notifications the last days should hurry and read their form replies logged in. (those people lose money).


    2) please teach your support to be honest and straight forward.

    when i asked, what happened the last days and why i didn´t get any notifications even if i didn´t change my forms for years, your support guy just hinted me to an issue in my forms, that is probably right, but didn´t have anything to do with that matter. no correct answer, even if your forum was full of questions regarding lost emails.

    when directly asked, he said there was no connection between all the lost emails the last days and his "suggestion".


    3) your customers make money by trusting in your service

    straightforward, we all make mistakes, we are human. i have to trust you and your service. i know you will make mistakes. but i have to be certain, you adress those mistakes in the right way and tell your customers, that there might be an issue.

    and i really don´t want to go everyday to your site to be safe that i have no lost contacts and notifications. that would cost me more money than its worth. there are other ways to have forms on my site. even if i think you make a good job in general. your customers have to be sure, they are in good hands. and frankly, apologies won´t change anything, just action.

    please adress those issues in the right way.

    thank you.



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    Answered on October 31, 2015 at 02:37 AM

    Your feedback is highly appreciated, we will use it to improve on all aspects of our services.

    Apologies for the inconveniences caused by the failure to receive email notifications.

    I will leave a note for our management team on this thread.


    I did a spot check on one of your forms notification emails settings (Uploadformular), it appears the sender email is not specified.

    Kindly select a sender email in order to ensure proper delivery of emails from the form.