Form not working or lagging on Ipad

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    Asked on February 10, 2016 at 01:01 PM



    I created my forms, but I am having some issue on my Ipad only with the form check boxes on the first page not responding (on both forms) and the "next" button to go to the next page is also not responding (on both forms).  I am using one form by going directly to the URL of the form, while the other form is embedded in my website.


    The form that I am going to directly is:


    The form that is embedded into my website that is not responding is:

    This form is embedded in my website here:


    Having the same issue only on my Ipad.  Everything works great on my android cell phone and through all of the various PC browsers.  Let me know.  Thank You!


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    Answered on February 10, 2016 at 03:30 PM

    Unfortunately I do not have iPad to test your forms. I did test them on iPad simulator, on my tablet and Samsung Galaxy S4, but I was not able to replicate mentioned issue. 

    Is this happening only on your embedded form? If so, please try to remove script part of your code to see if that will resolve your issue. Leave only iFrame part of your code. 

    <iframe id="JotFormIFrame" onload="window.parent.scrollTo(0,0)" allowtransparency="true" src="" frameborder="0" style="width:100%; height:20723px; border:none;" scrolling="no"></iframe> 

    If this is happening on forms that are not embedded also, if possibly please try on some other iPad device. I will also ask one of my colleague to test your form on iPad.

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    Answered on February 10, 2016 at 05:10 PM


    I went back and checked on my iPad, and somehow I can go into my website and I am able to work on the form that is embedded in my site.  Not sure why this changed now.   

    Although, when I try to access the other form ( directly on my iPad it will no longer even load up.  All I get is that it is loading constantly and the page never shows up.  Although, this was all using the chrome browser.  When I switch over to Safari browser on the Ipad the form loads up and I am able to access and wok in the form just fine.  Please let me know why this form is not loading on Chrome on my ipad, yet it is working fine in Safari.  Yes, I have the latest update of Chrome on my Ipad.

    Secondly, whether using Safari or Chrome, I am getting a lag between clicking on a radio button on the first page and when the radio button shows it is clicked (probably about 2-3 seconds lag from time of click to when it shows up as clicked on the screen). This is causing an issue because users think it is not clicked and will click it again, and this unclicks the selection (due to this buffer).  Could you let me know why this is happening?  Thanks!

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    Answered on February 10, 2016 at 10:08 PM

    Unfortunately, I currently do not have a new iPad where I can test what you are indicating. I will try to ask borrow a apple device with chrome install.

    I did how ever open the form with my android device and notice the lag of what you are speaking with. when reviewing your form, I noticed that you have created many conditions. Unfortunately, depending on the amount and complex of the conditions. This can create a lag on forms.

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    Answered on February 10, 2016 at 10:18 PM


    In the Autofill preferences, I unchecked "Save on data changes", and increased the auto-save to 30 seconds.  

    Autofill was already disabled.  


    Could you try the form ( your android device again and let me know if

    you still experience that lag like you did before?


    Not sure if this is something that would help or not (I saw it mentioned on another help topic on the forum),

    but I think you may be correct in that the large form and many conditions are causing the form to drag on mobile devices.  


    It runs very smoothly on the PC!  This is too bad since I was going to be using this during the job walk through with

    customers, and having a bad lag will not create a good customer experience.


    Let me know what you see with the Autofill changes I made. 



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    Answered on February 11, 2016 at 05:43 AM

    I have checked your form 60177946628164 on an iPad simulator, and it is loading fine on the default browser available in the simulator:

    With regards to the lag you are experiencing on mobile phones, the lag is still present and slightly noticeable on my end, and it is caused by mobile phones having significantly slower processing power when compared to desktop computers.

    Your form field "Select All Of Your Services" has 11 conditional rules that apply to it, so the browser needs to calculate 11 conditional rules against all 520 form fields every time an option on this field is ticked or un-ticked. This is what creates the lag - it takes a while to compute all this on such a large form, and mobile phones have weak processors when compared to desktop computers.

    It would help with performance on mobile phones if there were fewer conditional rules and form fields on the form, as a large number of them take their toll on any slower processors. I hope this helps.