How to display submission data on the form at full width?

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    Asked on March 04, 2016 at 03:57 PM

    Hi there,

    Thank you so much for your support. Looks like you've made some changes on your form builder. Power tools is not available to me but I did find a text function to do the job.

    As you can see, the report part is small. How can make the report take the full space of the page?


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    Answered on March 04, 2016 at 04:12 PM

    The Power Tools were renamed, and the Text field that my colleague talked can be found under the Form Tools section:

    When it comes to the issue you are describing, I do not see any Text fields on the only form you have in your account. I have cloned this form into my account and added a report inside the text field myself, and I do see a similar result to what you were showing.

    In order to fix it, we can add the following custom CSS to your form:

    .form-html > iframe { width: 100%; }

    What the above code will do is, it will make any iframes you embed directly into the Text field on your form take 100% of their available space. Result will look like this:

    You can add custom CSS to your form by opening it up in the Designer:

    Once there, paste the code into the textbox under the CSS tab, and Save your changes.

    Please let us know how it goes.