Is there a way to segment form data, and send email notifications based on segmentation?

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    Asked on March 22, 2016 at 05:28 PM

    I am creating a form that has six sections of data input (easy).

    Each section needs to send a notification based on a selection (easy).

    The recipient of the notification for a given section cannot be given the rest of the data input in the other sections (hard)?

    I realize I could create separate forms for each section, but I need it to be one form because a given recipient could receive all six sections of input data. 

    Essentially I need to make my Form have sub-forms.

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    Answered on March 22, 2016 at 05:55 PM

    Yes this is possible, first off you will need to take a look on this guide:

    What you need to do is basically check if the fields on a section are filled, you should have at least 1 field required, then you should add on the condition if that fields/field is required then send the email to the recipient that you want. 

    For example, I created a form with two sections, I separated them using the page break tool, here is how it looks: 

    You will need to create an email notification for each section and one that will contain the whole form, in this sample I will add 3 email notifications. 

    For the first section, I will leave on the email template only the fields that are on the first section. 

    The same with the second section. 

    For the email with all the data, I will only create it and leave all the fields. 

    Now, you create the condition, for this example I will only create the condition for the first section, here is a screencast about it. 

    As you see I stated if one of the fields that are on the first section are filled then the email with the data in the first section only will be sent to the specified email address, the final condition should look like this: 

    Now once a field of the first section is filled it will trigger the condition and the email with the data of the first section only will be sent, you should do the same for all the sections that you have in your form, regarding to send the whole form, I think that you have some fields that you consider that need to be send in the same email, then you should do the same, if all the fields are filled then send the email which contains the whole form to the email address. 

    Hope this will help you to find the way to achieve what you want, if you have questions while trying to apply it to your form then let us know here, if possible, provide us the link/name of your form we will be glad to assist you.