Entertainment App Templates

18 Templates

Whatever special event you’re hosting, get started with Jotform’s free Entertainment App Templates! These ready-to-use mobile app templates work seamlessly from any device, so you can collect, track, and manage guest information, payments, and other important details with ease. All you need to do is select the template that best suits your needs and customize it to match your branding using our drag-and-drop builder. You can add forms, tables, links, documents, images, videos, buttons, pages, and much more without any coding. No matter what big things you have planned ahead, get the information you need from guests and participants with a fully-customizable Entertainment App that works anywhere — and keeps things fun!

Touring App

Create an app for travel agency customers to book rooms, reserve flights, and request rides. Download on any device. Easy to customize. No coding required.

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Musician Instagram Bio Link App

Add a custom app to your Instagram bio. Great for musicians. Share your merch store, concert tickets, album releases, and more. Update the design without coding.


Party Planning Checklist App

Build your own party planning checklist app. Easy to customize and fill. Download and share on any smartphone, tablet, or computer. No coding required!


Mood Tracker App

Create your own mood tracker app without any coding. Submit and manage entries from any device. Easy to customize, fill out, and share.


Quiz App

Create an online quiz app without any coding. Perfect for your classroom, office, or friend group. Easy to customize and share. Downloads on any device.


Secret Santa App

Organize Secret Santa for your company or classroom. Create your own app for Secret Santa in just a few clicks. Easy to download and share. No coding.


Laser Tag App

Get laser tag event bookings and signed consent forms from any device. Free mobile app template for laser tag locations. Easy to customize. No coding.

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Party Invitation App

Create an app for your party with Jotform. Collect RSVPs and more. Download onto any device. Free and easy to customize. No-code drag-and-drop app builder.

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Online Cinema App

Create a movie theater app where customers can purchase tickets, watch movie trailers, and contact your business. Easy to share. Works on any device. No coding.

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Math Quiz App

Share math quizzes with your students in a free app. Gather responses from any device. Easy to customize and share without coding. Downloads onto iOS or Android.


Christmas App

Plan holiday events for your organization with a fully custom app. Download on any device. Drag-and-drop customization. Easy to share. No coding.

Human Resources

College Events App

Make an app to promote events for your college. Free customizable template. Drag-and-drop builder. Works on any iOS or Android device. Easy to share. No coding.

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City Guide App

Create a mobile-ready city guide app for tourists. List restaurants, museums, sights and attractions, and more. Works on iOS and Android. No coding.

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Golf Tournament App

Make an app for your golf tournament without any coding. Free customizable mobile app. Add forms, links, and more. Easy to share. Download on any device.


Wedding Planning App

Plan your big event with a free mobile app. Great for couples or professional wedding planners. Easy to customize with our drag-and-drop app builder. No coding.


Guessing Game App

Create a guessing game app for free. Easy to customize. No coding knowledge or developers needed. Make your own app in minutes. Add images, links, and more.


Trip Planner App

Plan for your upcoming trip with a free mobile app. Downloads onto any iOS or Android device. Track trip details on the go. Customize the app design without coding.

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Baby Shower Planner App

Prepare for your upcoming baby shower with a free app. Personalize the design in seconds. No coding required. Download onto any device. Works for iOS or Android.