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Quiz App

A quiz app lets you take quizzes and submit answers from any device. Whether you need a place to share quizzes for your classroom, office party, or friend group, get started with Jotform’s free Quiz App! This ready-to-use template includes four premade quizzes that you can fill out using any device and share with others. Using our drag-and-drop builder, you can create and add your own quizzes. All responses will be instantly synced to your secure and easily-accessible Jotform account for quick and easy scoring.Make this Quiz App your own in just a few clicks. All you need to do is drag and drop to build and add quizzes, upload tables to see results, embed links and documents, create new pages and buttons, upload photos and videos, and much more. When your app is ready to use, download it onto your favorite device and share it with others via the app link or by sending email invites. Take your online quizzes to the next level with a fully custom and engaging Quiz App that works anywhere.


Online Cinema App

An online cinema app is used by movie theaters to allow customers to purchase tickets and watch movie trailers from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Jotform’s Online Cinema App is the perfect way to create an all-in-one app for processing online ticket sales ahead of time to gauge audience attendance numbers. Ticket sales are instantly stored in your secure Jotform app for ease of use. Make this app template your own with Jotform’s intuitive app builder. No coding knowledge is required — just drag and drop to add or change form elements, choose fonts and colors, upload your branding, attach movie posters, and more. You can also choose from 30+ of Jotform’s popular payment gateways to process tickets directly from your app. When you’re finished, share your app by posting the app link on your website or social media, or generate a QR code to affix to the outside of your theater. Create a custom theater portal and start selling movie tickets online with this free Online Cinema App that works on any device.

Booking Apps

Math Quiz App

Create math quizzes for your students and share them in a free, downloadable app with Jotform. Whether you’re a math teacher or tutor, make quizzes that can be filled out seamlessly on any device — including computers, tablets, or smartphones — to gather responses instantly online. This ready-to-use app provides you with premade quizzes that calculate the submitter's results automatically. You can add your own quizzes or change the existing ones to get started. Once you are done, share the app with your quizzers. Submissions are stored in your secure account and ready to view in Jotform Tables or turn into reports using Jotform Report Builder.Customize this Math Quiz App template with our drag-and-drop builder. Change the app icon or splash screen, add new quizzes or update existing ones, and include as many links, documents, and images as you like. You can even set up calculations to calculate each student’s grade automatically! Save time and paper with a free Math Quiz App from Jotform.


Party Planning Checklist App

Whether you’re hosting a lowkey kickback or the biggest party of the year, get everything ready in time with our Party Planning Checklist App! This pre-made app template comes with a party planning checklist and our Party Guest List Template. Send your party invitation form separately and watch as guest applications auto-populate the Party Guest List Table —located in your app. You can use this app for your own parties, or if you run a party planning business, you can share it with clients to swiftly collect their requests online.You spend lots of time creating the perfect party — so why not do the same with your Party Planning Checklist App? Without any coding, you can create new forms, upload a different background image, and customize the name, icon, and splash page to your liking. When you’re done, you can share your app via link and access submissions in your Jotform account. Make your next event the best one yet with a custom Party Planning Checklist App designed to help you stay organized!

Checklist Apps

Football News App

A football news app is used to display football-related news, scores, and collect subscriptions from fans. As the app owner, you can aggregate news articles from other websites, or upload your own original work. Football fans can download your app onto their favorite device and sign up to receive email updates whenever your app is updated with football news or scores. Subscriber information is stored securely in your Jotform account.This Football News App can be fully customized to your liking with Jotform’s intuitive app builder. No coding knowledge required — simply drag and drop to add form elements, create new pages and forms, customize your app’s main screen, upload your own images and branding, and much more. You can even install one of our 30+ payment gateway integrations to charge for premium subscriptions fees. Create an all-in-one Football News App to keep sports fans in the know with this free app template from Jotform.


Guessing Game App

A guessing game app lets you run guessing games — such as movie guessing games, pet guessing games, or guessing how many candies are in a jar — from any mobile device. With Jotform’s free Guessing Game App, you can use built-in guessing games or customize them to make them your own. Then share your app with a link for others to download onto their own devices and play instantly!Make changes to this app template by adding more guessing games, personalizing existing ones, or adding images, links, documents, forms, and more. All changes with our drag-and-drop form builder require zero coding, so you can make your own app in minutes. Once your app is ready to go, share it for others to download onto their computer, tablet, or smartphone — including both iOS and Android devices.


Museum App

A museum app makes it easier for visitors or members to book visits, submit donations, and more. Whether you manage a natural history museum, science center, or art gallery, make a mobile app for your museum with Jotform’s free Museum App. This customizable app template includes a homepage with a booking form and donation form, as well as menu pages containing exhibit details and FAQs. Visitors can easily download the app onto their computer or mobile device, so they can schedule their visits, pay for tickets, give donations, and submit feedback no matter where they are.Customize this Museum App for your museum or gallery in just a few clicks. With Jotform’s drag-and-drop builder, you won’t need to do any coding to add or remove forms, update text and images, upload logos, and include other app elements such as links, documents, or tables. Once your app is ready to use, share it on your museum website or social media accounts for visitors to save onto their own devices. With a fully-custom Museum App, you’ll make it easier for visitors to plan their next visit, helping to increase museum attendance!

Booking Apps

Wedding Planning App

Plan your wedding like a pro with a free Wedding Planning App from Jotform! Whether you’re a professional wedding planner or getting things ready for your own wedding, use this app to create a wedding checklist, track your progress, and view a countdown timer ticking off the seconds until the big day. You can also use the app to log expenses, manage your guestlist, and keep track of venue information.Make changes to this Wedding Planning App template in seconds with our drag-and-drop builder. Add new forms, pages, links, images, and personalize design elements like splash screen and app icon with no coding required. Your custom Wedding Planning App can then be downloaded instantly onto any device — including your computer or any iOS or Android device — so you can prepare for your event seamlessly on the go.

Checklist Apps

Mood Tracker App

Tracking your mood is a great way to learn how to manage your emotions and understand triggers. Start tracking your moods or help patients track theirs with our free Mood Tracker App you can customize in just a few clicks! This ready-to-use app provides a single place for users to add their moods through a form and view all their submissions at once in order to see any recurring patterns. You can use this app yourself, or share it with patients to help them monitor their progress in therapy.Want to customize your Mood Tracker App? With our drag-and-drop interface, you can create and add more forms to your app and even change its icon, name, splash screen, and background. Feel free to upload images, include links, update the text, and more. You’ll be able to access and download your app from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Make it easier to keep track of how you’re feeling with a custom Mood Tracker App you can easily use from any device.


Podcast App

Consolidate your podcast episodes and collect listener donations from a single convenient location with Jotform’s free Podcast App. Build an app from scratch or choose one of our ready-made app templates — then make it your own without any coding knowledge. Embed individual podcast episodes or entire seasons with our Spotify and SoundCloud widgets. You can also collect listener donations directly through your app with Jotform’s 30+ payment processors with no additional fees to Jotform.Personalize your Podcast App with our intuitive app builder. Simply drag and drop to add additional forms and pages, choose fonts and colors, install powerful widgets and integrations, and upload your unique branding. Once you’re satisfied with the look and feel, you can share your custom app by sending email invites, including links in your social media accounts, or by seamlessly embedding it in your website. Create a one-stop shop for your podcast with this Podcast App that works on any device.

Donation Apps

Golf Tournament App

A golf tournament app is used by tournament organizers to register guests, enter scores, and track leaderboards from any device. No matter what type of golf tournament you’re running, get started with Jotform’s free Golf Tournament App! This customizable template includes a player registration form, golf score entry form, leaderboard table, interactive map, and contact buttons that players, viewers, and organizers can access on any mobile device or computer. Form entries will be synced to your Jotform account for secure record-keeping.Customize this Golf Tournament App for your events with our drag-and-drop builder. No coding necessary — in just a couple of clicks, you can add or remove forms and tables, embed links, upload documents, images, or videos, or include as many other app elements as needed. When it’s tournament time, share the app by posting the link on your website or social accounts, or send email invites directly to players, judges, and guests. Go above par with a professional and fully custom Golf Tournament App for your next competition!


College Events App

A college events app connects students to university events from any device. No matter what school you plan events for, let students know what’s coming soon with Jotform’s free College Events App. This customizable app template includes event posters, guest registration forms, and links to social media accounts that students can access from their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. All submitted responses will be instantly synced to your secure Jotform account to be viewed or approved by you and other event staff.Make this College Events App stand out by using our drag-and-drop builder to customize it for your school. Without coding, you can add or remove forms, upload promotional images and videos, include tables and links, create buttons and pages, change the color scheme and fonts, and update the app name and icon to better represent your school. When it’s ready, your app can be shared on social media, your school website, or via the app link. Inform and excite students about upcoming events — and boost school pride — with a custom College Events App for your school!

Booking Apps

Community Membership App

A community membership app allows community members to connect to each other from any device. Build your own Community Membership App without any coding with our free template. It includes a membership application form and a list of qualifications that can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Submitted applications will be received instantly and stored in your secure Jotform account, ready to view, share, and approve.Make this Community Membership App your own by customizing it with our drag-and-drop builder. You can easily add more forms, upload logos, change the qualifications, embed links to other resources, and update the app name, icon, and splash page. Share your app by adding the link in your website, posting it on social media accounts, or sending it directly to interested applicants. Keep your community connected with an easy-to-use Community Membership App that works on the go.

Booking Apps

Music Producer App

Looking for an easy way to consolidate all your music production projects? Create a fully customizable Music Producer App in seconds without any coding knowledge. This ready-made app template includes multiple pages and forms to get started right away. Users can access and download your app onto any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Messages sent through the included contact page are automatically synced to your secure online account for ease of access.Make changes to this free template without any coding using Jotform’s intuitive builder. Drag and drop to add text and images, create new pages, upload your personal branding, include social media buttons, and anything else you want — the customization options are limitless. You can even include audio samples of your music projects. After you’re satisfied with the look and feel, share your custom Music Producer App with others by sending email invites, including the link in social media posts and bios, or by seamlessly embedding it in your personal website with a simple copy-paste embed code. Show off your music production skills and find new clients with Jotform’s free Music Producer App.


My Collection App

No matter what you’re collecting, keep track of all items in your collection with this free My Collection App from Jotform. Start by customizing the app design with our intuitive drag-and-drop builder — you won’t need a team of developers to make your own app! Once it’s ready to go, download it onto your smartphone, tablet, or computer to fill out whenever a new item is added to your collection.Want to make design changes to this app template? Drag and drop to get the look you want. You can add images, update the app icon, and choose new fonts for a personalized touch. All submissions can be viewed in Jotform Tables, our powerful spreadsheet-database platform that lets you quickly search and filter through your form data. Manage your collection like a pro with this free My Collection App.


City Guide App

A city guide app is used by tourism companies and local governments to distribute to tourists. Jotform’s City Guide app is a convenient way to provide information about sights and attractions, museums, restaurants, historical landmarks, public transit, and more. Tourists can access and download this app on their smartphones and use it for getting around the city.Our intuitive app builder makes it easy to customize this app template with no coding. Just drag and drop to add forms, text, buttons, widgets, photo slideshows, external links, and more. You can also include city facts, interactive maps, and allow tourists to sign up for free guided walking tours all from a single location. Once you’re done, share your app via link or email invite, or embed it in your tourism website. Help tourists make the most out of their trip with this free City Guide App from Jotform.

Booking Apps

Video Game Selling App

Looking to sell your video games online? Whether you own a video game store or sell old games as an independent collector, Jotform’s free Video Game Selling App lets you create an online store and sell video games from any device. Customers can download the app for iOS, Android, or to their desktop computer to submit their orders. All order details collected through the app are sent to your Jotform account, ready for you to use to ship or deliver orders instantly.Feel free to update this Video Game Selling App’s design with our drag-and-drop builder. Upload your logo, include photos of your video games to show their condition, update prices, and change fonts and colors for a personalized touch. You can even integrate with 30+ payment processors to accept payments online! Level up your business and start selling video games online with a Video Game Selling App.


Party Invitation App

Get guests excited for your next event with a free Party Invitation App! By creating an app for attendees to download on their mobile devices, you can collect RSVPs, sell party tickets online, share information, and easily stay in touch with your party guests. Just customize the app design to match your party and share it with others to save to their computer, tablet, or smartphone.Update the RSVP form, change the app icon or background, and include party details in a few clicks. With our drag-and-drop app builder, you won’t need any coding knowledge to know how to sell party tickets online and create the perfect app design. You can then share your app with a link or invite guests via email so they can download it instantly. Become a pro party planner with the help of a free Party Invitation App from Jotform.


Cooking App

Whether you run a recipe blog or teach online cooking classes, share your recipes with the world using Jotform’s free Cooking App! This readymade app template includes a recipe submission form, recipe log, and feedback form. Users can download your app onto their favorite device and fill out the bundled forms with ease. All entries will be synced to your secure Jotform account. Customize this Cooking App in just a few clicks using Jotform’s drag-and-drop interface. No coding necessary — you can easily add new forms and app pages, upload links and images, display your logo, and include other elements as well. When it’s ready to share, post the app link in your website or social accounts. Users can then open and save your Cooking App on any computer, smartphone, or tablet for easy access to your recipes.


Trivia Quiz App

Create a fun trivia quiz app for your coworkers, students, or friends. Using this ready-made Trivia Quiz App, you can quickly add your quiz and share the app to be downloaded onto any iOS or Android device. Then the people who download your app can complete the quiz no matter where they are, sending you their results instantly upon completion.Customize this Trivia Quiz App with our drag-and-drop builder. Add or remove questions, upload images, add fun form widgets, change the app’s background image or icon, and make other changes in seconds with no coding knowledge needed. Enjoy a quick, easy way to create your own custom Trivia Quiz App with Jotform.


Art Selling App

Once you’ve built up your art collection, you’ll need to know how to sell art online. Jotform’s free Art Selling App lets you add your art pieces to a mobile app that customers can download onto their iOS or Android devices! They can then select which art pieces they’d like to add to their cart, then check out using your choice of 30+ popular payment processors — including Square, Stripe, and PayPal.Feel free to personalize the app design however you’d like with our drag-and-drop no-code builder. Add photos of your art, descriptions, and pricing, or update app elements like the app’s background, icon, fonts, and color scheme. Then when you’re ready to share your custom Art Selling App, add it to your social media bio or share it with a link to be downloaded by your patrons instantly, so they can enjoy easy access to your online art store.


Auction App

Running an auction? With Jotform’s free Auction App, you can create a mobile app that lets people register as bidders, make an auction bid, donate an item, and take other actions from a downloadable app for iOS or Android. Instead of gathering information in time-consuming phone calls and emails, you can gather it all in a single app and view submissions instantly on the go.Updating this Auction App template is easy. Drag and drop to get the look you want with our no-code builder — whether that’s adding a logo, choosing a new icon or splash screen, or updating the forms within the app. Once you’re ready to go, share your personalized Auction App in your social media bio, via email, or with a link.


Wedding Invitation App

A wedding invitation app is used by event planners or people getting married to collect RSVPs for a wedding. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to find out who will be attending your wedding, if they have dietary restrictions or other important information, this downloadable Wedding Invitation App is the way to go. Just share it to start collecting responses instantly on any device!Need to update the app design? Drag and drop to get the look you want — you can add more forms, change the app icon or background, or select new fonts or colors. And if you need to send RSVPs to your other accounts, do it automatically with 250+ free integrations you can connect right to your custom Wedding Invitation App.


Tarot Reading App

Give your clients a better way to schedule tarot readings with this free Tarot Reading App from Jotform. The app is ready to be downloaded onto any iOS or Android device, but feel free to customize it to better suit your needs with our drag-and-drop no-code builder. Once you’ve shared your app, you’ll be able to manage appointment bookings and feedback on the go!Want to add your specific booking schedule, personalize design elements, and make other changes to this Tarot Reading App without coding? No problem — just drag and drop with our no-code builder to get the exact app design you want. You can then share your unique Tarot Reading App with a copy-paste link for clients to download and use the app directly from their personal devices.


About Entertainment App Templates

Whatever special event you’re hosting, get started with Jotform’s free Entertainment App Templates! These ready-to-use mobile app templates work seamlessly from any device, so you can collect, track, and manage guest information, payments, and other important details with ease. All you need to do is select the template that best suits your needs and customize it to match your branding using our drag-and-drop builder. You can add forms, tables, links, documents, images, videos, buttons, pages, and much more without any coding. No matter what big things you have planned ahead, get the information you need from guests and participants with a fully-customizable Entertainment App that works anywhere — and keeps things fun!