Education App Templates

11 Templates

Manage your classroom like a pro with a free Education App. To get started, choose the app template below that most closely matches your needs — then customize it with our drag-and-drop no-code app builder. Once your app is looking good, download it onto your smartphone, tablet, or computer to start collecting student information quickly and securely. Save time on manual tasks and enjoy more time to spend on your students with the help of a free Education App Templates that downloads onto any device.

School Parent App

Create a parent portal app for your school. Free customizable app template. Add forms, links, and more. No coding. Works on any mobile device or computer.


Tutoring App

Create an app for students to request and schedule appointments with tutors. Includes tutor application and feedback forms. Easy to customize. No coding.


Classroom Management App

Build an app for tracking classroom attendance, reporting incidents, and monitoring students’ progress and performance. Download on any device. No coding.

Management Apps

School Scheduling App

Free, fully-customizable app template for schools. Students can create their own class schedules from any device. Get course registrations fast. No coding.


Reading Log App

Reading log app for teachers and students. Track, monitor, and review reading progress. Easy to customize and share. Downloadable on any device. No coding required.


Teacher Observation App

Create your own app for teacher evaluations. Free customizable app template. Easy to share. Keep submissions secure. Download on any device. No coding required.


School Bus Inspection Checklist App

Perform school bus safety inspections fast. Free app. Download on any device. Easy to customize. Add your logo, update the splash screen, and more with no coding.


Homework Management App

Collect and manage homework assignments for your classroom. Downloads onto any computer or mobile device. Works for iOS or Android. Great for remote learning.


Toy Tracker App

Track toys in your preschool or daycare. Free app for teachers and childcare workers. Easy to customize. Works on any device. No coding. Download instantly.