Ticket Selling Apps

12 Templates

Online Cinema App

An online cinema app is used by movie theaters to allow customers to purchase tickets and watch movie trailers from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Jotform’s Online Cinema App is the perfect way to create an all-in-one app for processing online ticket sales ahead of time to gauge audience attendance numbers. Ticket sales are instantly stored in your secure Jotform app for ease of use. Make this app template your own with Jotform’s intuitive app builder. No coding knowledge is required — just drag and drop to add or change form elements, choose fonts and colors, upload your branding, attach movie posters, and more. You can also choose from 30+ of Jotform’s popular payment gateways to process tickets directly from your app. When you’re finished, share your app by posting the app link on your website or social media, or generate a QR code to affix to the outside of your theater. Create a custom theater portal and start selling movie tickets online with this free Online Cinema App that works on any device.

Booking Apps

Bus Ticket Booking App

With a Bus Ticket Booking App, users can book buses to reach the destination in an easy, secure and faster way. An online bus ticket booking app allows customers to book bus tickets from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Need to know how to sell bus tickets online? Customers can create reservations online by filling out a form with their destination, departure date, and general contact information. They can also cancel their tickets through your app using a unique order number or ID found on their original ticket. Bus reservations are instantly synced and stored in your secure Jotform account, which you can fiter, search, and sort from your dashboard.Want to make changes to this app template? Jotform’s app builder makes it easy to create a fully custom app with just a few clicks. Simply drag and drop to add form elements, choose fonts and colors, upload your bus company’s branding, integrate payment gateways for taking online payments, and much more — all without any coding. Share your custom app with customers by embedding a link in your website or social media, or by generating a unique QR code to affix to the outside of your bus station. Give your customers an easy way to book ahead with this Online Bus Ticket Booking App from Jotform.

Online Store Templates

Museum App

A museum app makes it easier for visitors or members to book visits, submit donations, and more. Whether you manage a natural history museum, science center, or art gallery, make a mobile app for your museum with Jotform’s free Museum App. This customizable app template includes a homepage with a booking form and donation form, as well as menu pages containing exhibit details and FAQs. Visitors can easily download the app onto their computer or mobile device, so they can schedule their visits, pay for tickets, give donations, and submit feedback no matter where they are.Customize this Museum App for your museum or gallery in just a few clicks. With Jotform’s drag-and-drop builder, you won’t need to do any coding to add or remove forms, update text and images, upload logos, and include other app elements such as links, documents, or tables. Once your app is ready to use, share it on your museum website or social media accounts for visitors to save onto their own devices. With a fully-custom Museum App, you’ll make it easier for visitors to plan their next visit, helping to increase museum attendance!

Booking Apps

Golf Tournament App

A golf tournament app is used by tournament organizers to register guests, enter scores, and track leaderboards from any device. No matter what type of golf tournament you’re running, get started with Jotform’s free Golf Tournament App! This customizable template includes a player registration form, golf score entry form, leaderboard table, interactive map, and contact buttons that players, viewers, and organizers can access on any mobile device or computer. Form entries will be synced to your Jotform account for secure record-keeping.Customize this Golf Tournament App for your events with our drag-and-drop builder. No coding necessary — in just a couple of clicks, you can add or remove forms and tables, embed links, upload documents, images, or videos, or include as many other app elements as needed. When it’s tournament time, share the app by posting the link on your website or social accounts, or send email invites directly to players, judges, and guests. Go above par with a professional and fully custom Golf Tournament App for your next competition!


College Events App

A college events app connects students to university events from any device. No matter what school you plan events for, let students know what’s coming soon with Jotform’s free College Events App. This customizable app template includes event posters, guest registration forms, and links to social media accounts that students can access from their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. All submitted responses will be instantly synced to your secure Jotform account to be viewed or approved by you and other event staff.Make this College Events App stand out by using our drag-and-drop builder to customize it for your school. Without coding, you can add or remove forms, upload promotional images and videos, include tables and links, create buttons and pages, change the color scheme and fonts, and update the app name and icon to better represent your school. When it’s ready, your app can be shared on social media, your school website, or via the app link. Inform and excite students about upcoming events — and boost school pride — with a custom College Events App for your school!

Booking Apps

Community Membership App

A community membership app allows community members to connect to each other from any device. Build your own Community Membership App without any coding with our free template. It includes a membership application form and a list of qualifications that can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Submitted applications will be received instantly and stored in your secure Jotform account, ready to view, share, and approve.Make this Community Membership App your own by customizing it with our drag-and-drop builder. You can easily add more forms, upload logos, change the qualifications, embed links to other resources, and update the app name, icon, and splash page. Share your app by adding the link in your website, posting it on social media accounts, or sending it directly to interested applicants. Keep your community connected with an easy-to-use Community Membership App that works on the go.

Booking Apps

Party Invitation App

Get guests excited for your next event with a free Party Invitation App! By creating an app for attendees to download on their mobile devices, you can collect RSVPs, sell party tickets online, share information, and easily stay in touch with your party guests. Just customize the app design to match your party and share it with others to save to their computer, tablet, or smartphone.Update the RSVP form, change the app icon or background, and include party details in a few clicks. With our drag-and-drop app builder, you won’t need any coding knowledge to know how to sell party tickets online and create the perfect app design. You can then share your app with a link or invite guests via email so they can download it instantly. Become a pro party planner with the help of a free Party Invitation App from Jotform.


Ticket Selling App

Discover the best way to sell tickets online with a free Ticket Selling App from Jotform. Whether you’re selling tickets for a raffle, concert, play, or other type of event, you can create an online store to list your tickets, pricing levels, descriptions of your events, photos, and more. Once you’ve customized your app to your liking, you can share it as a downloadable app for iOS and Android, or embed it in your website to be used in any internet browser.Want to make this Ticket Selling App your own? Drag and drop to change the store design by uploading your logo, choosing a new app icon or background, or selecting new fonts or colors. All ticket orders through the app are stored securely in your Jotform account, so you can keep track of them in a powerful online platform. Stop accepting ticket orders over the phone or via email and do it more efficiently with a Ticket Selling App.

Online Store Templates

Beauty Contest App

Manage all your future beauty contests from one easy to use space with Jotform’s free Beauty Contest App. Both management and contestants can utilize your app for viewing and submitting applications as well as sending and receiving contest information. Set up payment forms, send schedules out, and more – all from one centralized place. All contestant submissions and payments will be kept in your Jotform account so all judges and managers can access the data from any device.Make your app as unique as your contestants with our free drag-and-drop app builder. Change up the fonts and colors, upload your own app image, change your layout, and more – no coding knowledge required. You can even integrate with hundreds of widgets and payment processors to make your next beauty contest a breeze. Embed your app’s link in your website or send a direct download link via email or a QR code. Everyone’s a winner with Jotform’s free Beauty Contest App.


Amusement Park App

Need an efficient way to sell tickets and keep track of your amusement park guests and all their questions? Try out our free Amusement Park App from Jotform today. With this custom app, you can keep track of ticket orders, manage feedback, and set up an FAQ page for those visiting for the first time. Any responses from guests will be stored in your Jotform account – creating an easy all in one place to manage information. Want to make your app as fun as your amusement park? Try using our easy, no-code drag-and-drop builder to spice up the look and feel of your app. Choose a new logo to upload or pick a cool app icon and background image to encourage people to visit. Guests can access your app quickly via direct message, email, or even through a scannable QR code. Fun for everyone is just around the corner with Jotform’s free and easy Amusement Park App.


Laser Tag App

A laser tag app allows guests to book games and events at your laser tag location. Wondering how to sell laser tag tickets online? Create a mobile app for your laser tag location with our free Laser Tag App. Guests can open your app from any smartphone, tablet, or computer and fill out your laser tag online booking form and laser tag consent form with ease. You’ll receive instant notifications for each form submission, which will be stored in your easily-accessible and secure Jotform account.Customize this Laser Tag App for your business without any technical coding. All you have to do is drag and drop to add or remove forms, upload your branding, and change the app name and icon to represent your laser tag location. When you’re happy with your app design, share the app link on your website for customers to open and download onto their own devices. Zap away the stress of online bookings and sell laser tag tickets online with an efficient Laser Tag App for your business.

Booking Apps

Festival App

A festival app is used to give festival attendees a way to buy tickets, view the festival lineup, see a venue map, and more. Using this free Festival App from Jotform, you can give your festival goers a downloadable mobile app where they can access all the information they need! Simply update the template to include details relevant to your festival and share it for download on iOS and Android.Make changes to this app with our drag-and-drop builder. Add your lineup and performance times, upload photos, and integrate with a form payment processor to sell tickets while paying no extra transaction fees to Jotform. Once your app is good to go, you can share it via email or add it to your social media bio to be downloaded onto any device.


About Ticket Selling Apps

Take your ticket selling business online in minutes with our Ticket Selling App. Pick a ready-made online store app below to customize to match your branding — no coding knowledge needed. Just drag and drop to add your logo, list your events and tickets, and change the app icon and color scheme for a custom look and feel. Then integrate with one of 25+ payment processors, including popular platforms like Google Pay and Square, to accept payments online while paying no extra fees to Jotform. Start selling your tickets with Jotform’s Ticket Selling Apps today — compatible with both iOS and Android.