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3 Ways You Can Go Green with JotForm

In honor of Earth Day, we wanted to celebrate our amazing planet. From the highest snow-capped mountains, to the deepest darkest oceans, to the scorching deserts, to the greenest forests -- the Earth is our home. Here at JotForm, we’re doing our part to conserve our world by reducing the amount of paper that companies need to use -- by bringing it all online. Fun fact: If all 8 million of JotForm’s forms were created with paper instead, they would stack higher than the Sears Towers in Chicago. That’s a lot of trees that got to stay trees!

Here are some ways that you can use JotForm to help our planet.

  1. 1. Bring all of your paperwork online.

If your company still uses paper forms for sign-in, surveys, or data collection, simply create those forms with JotForm and you’ll never have to get a paper cut at work again.

2. Collect donations for your favorite environmentally-friendly organization.

Perhaps you’d like to collect donations for the WWF (World Wildlife Foundation), which not only helps protects the world’s most important species, but also works towards conserving forests, oceans, fresh water, and our global climate. You can easily collect payments online with a custom JotForm donation form.

3. Online forms make it easy for people to engage with a mission.

Online forms have functionality that extends beyond being able to collect names, emails, and payments. Municipalities or organizations can create forms that allow people to submit important information and upload images.

The West Coast is experiencing a brutal drought, and rules have been put into place so that people and businesses can do their part in reducing water consumption. People can submit addresses that are wasting water, and/or upload alarming images of water waste that they see as a way to increase awareness and encourage efficient consumption habits.

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