3 Widgets That Will Help Increase Form Completion Rates

3 Widgets That Will Help Increase Form Completion Rates

The importance of form organization cannot be overstated: better designed forms get better completion rates. So how do you design a better form? Here are a few tips — group form fields together if they’re in a similar category, break up longer forms so that it still feels bite-sized, and generally make your form more aesthetically pleasing and easier to get through. Read on for 3 widgets that can help increase your form’s completion rate.

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Form Tabs

Including tabs to your multi-page form adds not only style, but function! Tabs make it easy to navigate multiple pages, and make a long form seem more manageable as there are well laid out breaks that make sense.

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Form Separators

Form separators organize your form. These are a smart addition if you have sections on your form that cover topically different questions and question types. For example, perhaps you want to begin gathering information about a different subject, or you’re transitioning to asking questions in a star scale format rather than multiple choice. This would be a logical point at which you can add a form separator.

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Form separator example from Jotform’s customer registration form template

Progress Bar

Moving through a long form can be a slog and make you feel like you’re trying to run a marathon through a path of molasses. Put some pep in your respondent’s step by adding a progress bar on your form to cheer them on! As they move through the form, they’re rewarded by more of the progress bar being filled, and more motivation to get to the finish line: the “submit” button.

So, how do you measure completion rates? Jotform has Form Analytics, where you can track your completion rates/conversion rates, and other useful information about your online forms. You can access Form Analytics for any of your online forms right from your Jotform dashboard.

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