10 Caspio alternatives in 2024

As the popularity of apps for businesses of all types, sizes, and industries continues to grow, so will the need to be able to develop them. And since software developers aren’t cheap — their median annual wage was $110,140 in 2020 — it’s worth knowing a thing or two about turning a great app idea into reality.

Whether you need an app to strengthen your customer engagement, streamline your workflows, increase productivity, or stand out from your competition, no-code app builders, such as Caspio, can help you do just that — no coding experience necessary.

Caspio grows as your business does, running on Amazon Web Services for exceptional scalability. With Caspio, you can create forms, reports, and dashboards using its visual app builder, embed your app onto any website in minutes, and have 24-7 access to their support team if you experience any issues. It offers HIPAA-friendly tools and integrates with thousands of services, from Zapier and PayPal to Google Drive and SharePoint.

But Caspio isn’t the only no-code app builder on the market. Here are 10 Caspio alternatives that might better suit your business.

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1. Jotform Apps

With no-code online app builder Jotform Apps, users can create, publish, and share their apps, thanks to 300-plus available app templates, over 50 app elements, and 100-plus integrations, including PayPal, Slack, Zoom, and HubSpot. Whether your business is healthcare, education, event planning, or fitness, Jotform Apps can help you create the perfect app to meet your needs.

2. Airtable

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Low-code platform Airtable is a great Caspio alternative, thanks to its litany of tools, features, and integrations. Choose from hundreds of fully customizable, preloaded templates to create your dream application or make your own from scratch — whether your industry is real estate, nonprofits, or anything in between. And since it’s trusted by Netflix, TIME magazine, and Shopify (as well as 300,000 other companies), you can count on Airtable to bring your app vision to life.

3. Quickbase

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Another viable Caspio alternative is Quickbase, a no-code app builder that helps users increase their workplace productivity and streamline their processes, all from one unified platform. By enabling users to upload and connect their data, integrate their systems with popular cloud services, and provide access for all employees, Quickbase is a great option for businesses looking to innovate and scale their operations.

4. Knack

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With code-free platform Knack, it’s all about data — managing, connecting, and using it to its fullest potential. And then, once the data is well-organized, Knack helps users transform it into powerful apps and databases, share it using services like Zapier, and analyze it with reports and dashboards.

5. AppSheet

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No-code app-building platform AppSheet is especially comparable to Caspio because of its features, design, scalability, and support. Whether you need a platform that lets you scan barcodes, accept signatures, build dashboards, or track and log locations, AppSheet can help get your business to the next level.

6. Appy Pie

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App-building web platform Appy Pie is another great Caspio alternative, regardless of your development experience or technical skills, since it’s completely code-free. Designed to fit any scale, budget, or industry, Appy Pie makes creating high-quality apps, websites, and chatbots easy and fun. And since it’s compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems, anyone can access your application.

7. Ninox

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Ninox is a no-code app builder that helps users in various industries (including real estate, healthcare, and construction) build applications that work for their organizations. Easy to use and fully customizable, Ninox helps streamline your business processes with its drag-and-drop features, centralized data for generating reports, and the ability to run on any device, both online and offline.

8. Bubble

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Bubble, another Caspio alternative, is a powerful no-code platform that lets you create engaging and multilingual apps to help you grow your business, either by yourself or by sharing the workload with as many as 40 team members. With its built-in, premade templates and plugins, you can develop, host, and scale your projects, all in one shared place. And since Bubble already has more than 1.4 million customers, you can trust your app is in good hands.

9. Glide

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Wherever your data lives — Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, or other spreadsheet tool — Glide helps you make and share an application using it, all from its no-code platform. And once your data is connected and synced, you can build on it to create the app your business needs by using Glide’s drag-and-drop features and catalog of various templates, colors, icons, and styles.

10. Bravo-Studio


With Bravo Studio, you can transform your ideas and designs into apps in minutes, without having to learn any code. Bravo Studio connects external data to your app design, providing various templates, GIFs, and transitions to make it exactly what you envision. You can share the app in both the Apple Store and Google Play store.

Like anything else, there’s no one-size-fits-all code-free app builder that works for every organization. But hopefully Caspio, or one of these 10 Caspio alternatives, gets pretty close to giving you everything you need.

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