10 best healthcare compliance software solutions

Healthcare compliance is a key factor in the successful operation of a medical practice. Without compliance procedures in place, a practice will likely run into healthcare violations and increase its business risk. Failure to secure patients’ protected health information can also have lingering impacts on a practice’s brand.

In 2020, the Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights (OCR) settled more HIPAA violation cases than ever before. Violators paid over $13 million to the OCR to settle these cases. The increase in settlements shows that enforcement of HIPAA violations is growing, so it’s a wise move for healthcare organizations to make compliance a priority.

Healthcare software can help firms simplify compliance processes by unifying procedures and ensuring documentation is always up to date with the latest HIPAA rules and regulations. Additionally, compliance software can facilitate tasks like vendor management, training, risk assessments, and more. In this article, we’ll look at 10 compliance software options and their features.

Software options that help practices stay HIPAA-friendly

NavigateHCR is a suite of software tools that helps practices handle communications and data so that they comply with the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) guidelines. The tools help clients understand their ACA exposure to reduce their risk of violations. NavigateHCR prioritizes partnerships since the company considers itself a complementary tool to services like payroll software.

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2. Jotform

Jotform is a HIPAA-friendly form builder (note that features that help with HIPAA compliance are available only to those with Gold plans or higher) that helps practices create interactive digital forms. Providers can create forms that help staff easily schedule appointments, collect consent and payments, and enable mobile responses. Jotform’s HIPAA-friendly forms easily integrate with popular tools and are always encrypted and stored securely.

3. Coverage

Provided by Verge Health, Converge is software that assists clients with organizational compliance, patient and employee safety, and provider management. Its services help providers verify vendor credentials, manage safety protocols, and perform compliance tasks like mock assessments. The software also includes a number of useful extensions that help with tasks like contract compliance.

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4. Accountable

Accountable focuses on simplifying HIPAA regulations, which often can seem overwhelming and vague. The software’s features include a guided security risk assessment, compliance progress monitoring, and access to HIPAA experts.

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5. Absolute for Healthcare

Absolute focuses on protecting data across applications and devices. The software helps providers protect data at every physical location and on every device. It also helps find violations and prepare organizations to be audit-ready at any time. One unique aspect of Absolute is its focus on helping practices protect data during a merger or acquisition.

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6. Healthicity

Healthicity strives to simplify healthcare compliance with its all-in-one software solution. Its tools help you manage HIPAA-related incidents from start to finish, identify compliance risks to your medical practice, and provide training for employees. Healthicity includes features like audit management, comprehensive risk assessments, and business associate management.

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7. MedTraine

MedTrainer’s software specializes in compliance optimization. Its tools span learning, credentialing, and compliance. MedTrainer includes a large course library of OSHA- and HIPAA-friendly team training resources. It also helps clients assign, track, and report on employee training as well as maintain required documentation in one place.

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8. Compliancy Group

Compliancy Group’s software aims to enable HIPAA compliance by providing an easy-to-use platform along with live guided coaching. Its platform facilitates security risk assessment, business associate management, document version control, gap remediation, and more.

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9. HIPAA Ready

HIPAA Ready is a compliance application that focuses on customization. Providers can tailor it to their practice’s unique needs without any coding experience. HIPAA Ready also provides templates that help speed along the process. HIPAA Ready’s software covers HIPAA certification, training, compliance, and policy and procedure development.

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10. CodySoft

CodySoft helps providers meet HIPAA regulations during project management and when creating and distributing marketing materials. Additionally, its compliance tools assist with everything from appeals and grievances to policy and procedure life cycle management. CodySoft is a web-based tool, which means practices can access it from anywhere they have an internet connection.

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Healthcare software: Helping take the pain out of HIPAA compliance

HIPAA impacts almost every aspect of a healthcare organization’s operations. Keeping up with training, policies, communication, and vendors is a big responsibility. In fact, if you’re reading this, it’s likely that your main job is to make sure your organization complies with HIPAA and HITECH regulations. Compliance software can help lighten the burden by automating many of the technical aspects of your job.

Jotform is dedicated to providing forms that simplify business processes for medical professionals. That’s why when users sign up for a HIPAA-friendly plan, they receive a signed business associate agreement (BAA). It’s just one more way we make creating compliant forms a breeze. If you want to collect PHI safely and securely, try Jotform today.

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