TherapyNotes vs TheraNest

There’s a reason behavioral health practitioners swear by electronic health record (EHR) software like TherapyNotes and TheraNest: They’re lifesavers.

According to an article in Risk Management and Healthcare Policy, some of the benefits of using an EHR system include improving practice quality, reducing medical errors, simplifying finances, and streamlining operations. The benefits extend to patients as well — overall, EHR systems also reduce the cost of care and lead to better health outcomes.

When you use an EHR software, you’re able to simplify the administrative aspects of meeting with patients so you can concentrate on their mental health. By safely and efficiently supplying accurate, up-to-date, and shareable electronic information and records, EHR systems are a win-win for patients and clinicians alike.

So, which one is best for your practice — TherapyNotes or TheraNest?

TherapyNotes overview

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With TherapyNotes — which calls itself “the most trusted EHR for behavioral health” — you can schedule, conduct (either in-person or remotely), document, and bill for therapy sessions, all in one place. It’s secure and easy to use — and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. You can focus less on pesky paperwork and more on your patients, providing them with the highest quality of care.

And whether you’re a solo provider or part of a much larger health system, TherapyNotes can also help with office organization. It’s also planning to roll out e-prescription capabilities.

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TheraNest overview

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Like TherapyNotes, TheraNest manages and streamlines your behavioral health practice, whether you’re a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist.

By helping your practice with everything from e-prescriptions and group telehealth to client and billing management, TheraNest takes menial tasks off your plate, allowing you to grow your business and increase productivity. Plus, its easy-to-use, fully customizable templates make forms, billing, scheduling, and documentation simple.

TherapyNotes vs TheraNest: Key features

Designed to streamline your entire workflow, TherapyNotes makes running your practice easier with features like credit card processing and e-signature collection as well as phone and email customer support. 

Is staying organized a challenge for you? TherapyNotes streamlines bookkeeping, note-taking, and bill collecting. Perhaps it’s difficult for you to meet clients in person, especially given ongoing concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic. TherapyNotes offers secure video telehealth sessions, so both you and your patients can feel safe.

TheraNest offers electronic billing (with low processing fees), and a secure telehealth option as well, along with fair pricing comparable to other EHR systems. It also lets you create unlimited note templates that are easy to customize. 

Not only are your notes automatically saved from the last time you saw your patient, but the program also alerts you when they’re incomplete or need approval. They also include a co-sign feature for easy review and management. 

For an extra $25 per month per therapist, TheraNest also integrates with Wiley Practice Planners, providing sample treatment goals, interventions, and progress notes to adapt to your needs. Basically, TheraNest promises to cut your documentation time in half.

Finally, both TherapyNotes and TheraNest are accessed online, so they work on any device with internet access.

TherapyNotes vs TheraNest: Cost

Though they’re similar in price, TherapyNotes is slightly more expensive than TheraNest.

Starting at $49 per month for one solo practitioner, TherapyNotes provides free client data importation from another EMR software system, phone and email support, a customized client portal, and unlimited telehealth sessions and file storage. It also offers a discount for nonprofits.

And at $39 per month (for up to 30 active clients), TheraNest provides many of the same capabilities, including appointment, claims, and employee management and treatment planning.

There are two key differences, though: With TheraNest, you have to pay extra for telehealth sessions — starting at $12 per month per therapist — while it’s included in all TherapyNotes plans. And when it comes to free trials, TherapyNotes offers 30 days, but TheraNest offers only 21.

TherapyNotes vs TheraNest: Integrations

TherapyNotes integrates with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, iCal, and other calendar applications.

For its part, TheraNest integrates with calendar apps as well, including Google Calendar and Apple’s iCal. Additionally, TheraNest offers partnerships with mental health professional groups and services, including Beginning Counselor and Open Path Psychotherapy Collective.

Jotform: An alternative to TherapyNotes and TheraNest

In making the TherapyNotes vs TheraNest decision, you might find you need a simpler option. That’s where Jotform can help.

Like an EHR platform, the Jotform Health app streamlines your workflow by accepting online payments and generating reports through powerful online forms that you can customize — from patient intake forms to teletherapy consent forms. The HIPAA-friendly tool allows you to run a paperless practice by scheduling appointments and accepting patient payments through the app. The app is also available for both iOS and Android.

You can also increase form functionality by connecting to third-party apps through the Jotform API. And after patients fill out these forms online or on their phones, you can connect their responses to Jotform Tables to store information in one place.

When you rely on an EHR system, you simplify and organize your practice, freeing up your time to give your patients the care and attention they need.

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