An overview of ClinicSense’s pricing, features and more

In the fast-paced world of growing health and wellness practices, professionals often juggle multiple roles, including therapist, administrator, and entrepreneur. That’s where practice management software like ClinicSense can help. It’s tailored for health and wellness clinics and aims to streamline operations and enhance client relationships.

Taking a closer look at ClinicSense

ClinicSense is a practice management software program designed specifically for small to medium-sized wellness businesses. It boasts features like appointment scheduling, client management, SOAP (subjective, objective, assessment, and plan) notes, and invoicing. Its goal is to reduce practitioners’ administrative workload, allowing them to focus on what they truly love: caring for their clients.

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ClinicSense doesn’t just help you manage appointments; it nurtures client relationships through automated reminders, feedback collection, and personalized communication tools. This kind of thoughtful integration leads to improved client retention and a smoother operational flow.

Understanding ClinicSense’s pricing

ClinicSense’ offers three pricing plans: Lite, Standard, and Premium. Each caters to different needs and scales of practice, and all the plans come with a 14-day free trial.

  • Lite: At $39/month, this plan is geared toward part-time practitioners. It covers basic scheduling, patient notes, forms, and invoicing needs. 
  • Standard: At $69/month, the Standard plan includes everything in Lite and more. This plan is targeted toward full-time practitioners and allows users to add other practitioners to the plan. It covers five office staff members and adds features such as sales promotion tools and a slew of communication tools for better patient engagement.
  • Premium: At $99/month, the Premium plan is the most comprehensive package, expanding the scale of features. For example, it includes 500 appointments per month and up to 15 office staff members — making it ideal for larger clinics and wellness centers. 

If your needs exceed the standard pricing tiers, you can contact ClinicSense directly for custom pricing options.

Comparing ClinicSense with other options

ClinicSense competes with several other practice management software solutions in the health and wellness industry. Here are its main competitors:

1. Mindbody

Mindbody is a full-featured software solution that targets the fitness, beauty, and wellness categories. It offers a range of features, including online booking, marketing tools, and client management. Plans start at $169 per month, making it a more expensive option. However, its broad coverage of diverse health and wellness practices could appeal to some businesses.

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2. SimplePractice

Known for its user-friendly interface, SimplePractice offers practice management solutions with telehealth capabilities, billing, and client communication tools. It mainly focuses on health and wellness professionals, ranging from acupuncturists to mental health practitioners. It offers three pricing tiers, which start at $29, $69, and $99 per month. While the pricing and features are comparable to what ClinicSense offers, it serves a wider range of clinics and professionals, and that may deter clients who are looking for a more focused feature set.

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Find out more about them in our guide, Simple Practice pricing.

3. Zenoti

Zenoti is a comprehensive software solution built for spa and salon chains. Its features include appointment scheduling, billing, inventory management, and employee management. It offers features geared toward growing your business, empowering teams with HIPAA-compliant features for medical spa management, advanced marketing tools, and electronic medical record (EMR) software. Contact Zenoti for pricing information.

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When pitted against alternatives, ClinicSense stands out for its specialization in the massage and wellness industry. While other platforms may offer broader features, ClinicSense’s tailored approach means functionality aligns more closely with industry-specific needs, like SOAP notes formatting and wellness-focused client tracking.

In terms of pricing, ClinicSense offers competitive rates, particularly for solo practitioners or small clinics. The transition from Lite to Premium is designed to reflect the growth trajectory of a typical wellness practice, making it a financially sensible choice for many.

Exploring user feedback on ClinicSense

Overall, software review sites rate ClinicSense highly. Customers praise ClinicSense’s user-friendly interface and responsive customer support. They also appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of the scheduling and reminder system, which can significantly reduce no-shows. However, some users would like more customization options, particularly in the Lite plan.

Making Jotform your secret weapon for practice management

Managing a wellness practice, especially within the medical and health sector, demands meticulous attention to patient data, appointments, and client assessments. Jotform is an excellent tool for this purpose, offering a broad spectrum of medical forms that are not only versatile but also HIPAA-friendly.

Jotform’s tools complement practice management platforms, amplifying their functionality. For instance, wellness professionals can easily create and customize industry-specific forms like client pre-massage assessment forms, massage intake forms, and remedial massage intake forms.

Moreover, Jotform can help you build your own no-code apps to manage bookings, payments, and more, like this massage app template. This template allows customers to effortlessly fill out an intake form and book massage appointments in one go. With Jotform Apps, clients can book consultations and appointments directly from their devices from anywhere, anytime.

Try Jotform’s flexible tools for free and see how they can help you focus more on providing exceptional care and less on juggling administrative tasks.

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