8 GetLeadForms alternatives in 2024

When you’re collecting leads, you want to gather information from users as quickly and easily as possible so you start converting those leads into customers. Whether you’re encouraging site visitors to opt into your emails or to share their information in exchange for a valuable resource, using a simple lead generation form is a key part of the process.

GetLeadForms is a popular tool for qualifying and converting leads through forms, but it isn’t your only option. Below are eight powerful GetLeadForms alternatives recommended by other business owners and users, so you should be able to find a lead-generating option that fits your budget, growth pattern, and sales goals.

8 GetLeadForms alternatives

1. Jotform

Max Whiteside, SEO and content lead at Breaking Muscle, recommends Jotform as a powerful alternative to GetLeadForms. “With its simple visual editor and online form builder, Jotform makes creating forms more efficient than ever,” he says — and it integrates with a wide array of marketing platforms. Jotform forms can be fully customizable to match your brand, and its integrations let you send lead data directly to popular CRMs like HubSpot, Salesforce, and ActiveCampaign.

2. ClickUp


For Steve Pogson, founder and e-commerce strategy lead at First Pier, the popularity of ClickUp is easy to explain. It’s valuable because of its versatility, he says, and it can handle workflows and centralize communication for teams of all sizes. ClickUp is already a well-known all-in-one project management and collaboration platform, which means you can funnel its lead-generation and form-building features into your existing workflow.

3. DashClicks


Multiple experts recommend DashClicks for its ease of use, intuitive dashboard, and user-friendly setup for marketers without coding knowledge. “DashClicks allows you to look through your forms and submissions with an organized interface, making everything easier for you to manage,” notes Calvin Jacob of Vilop Digital.

Simon Bacher, CEO and cofounder of Ling, also recommends the platform: “You can easily use DashClicks without any prior tech knowledge. Simply drag and drop various elements you want to see incorporated into your forms. It then helps you turn data into actionable insights.”

4. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms

Jacob Villa, marketing director of School Authority, recommends this customizable lead- generation platform. Formidable Forms advertises an HTML backend that you can manipulate without limits — meaning you can create lead-generating forms that fit perfectly within your existing brand. It also has the capability to include features such as calculators, quizzes, and surveys that help keep your users interested in the form so they complete and submit it.

5. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms

Hamza Usmani, head of content at SEO-Audits.io, recommends this WordPress plug-in that offers multi-page and multi-step forms. It includes a visual form editor, so you can build forms using an efficient, low-code interface, and it can incorporate payments and file uploads directly into each form you create. For sales experts who want to drive transactions and downloads directly from their forms, Gravity Forms is a great choice.

6. Picreel


“Picreel’s exit-intent technology allows online businesses to show precisely timed and aesthetically pleasing popups to website visitors as they prepare to leave the site,” says Jake Cowans, founder and chief customer officer of CompanyScouts. According to Cowans, “All the generated leads are kept current in near-real time. A/B testing, analytics, and reporting are just a few of the other features, and there are well over 700 integrations available as well.”

7. ProProfs Survey Maker

proprofs survey maker

Shad Elia, CEO of New England Home Buyers, recommends this low-cost lead-generating program and conversion rate optimization (CRO) tool for those who want to keep their users’ interest. “ProProfs Survey Maker was created with the goal of maximizing user engagement and encouraging people to complete survey forms,” Elia shares. “It provides an abundance of features, like scorecards, skip logic, 15-plus question templates, and visual questions to make your surveys entertaining, engaging, and tailored for each visitor,” he says.

8. WPForms

WP Forms

Travis Lindemoen, managing director of Nexus IT Group, is impressed with the simplicity of WPForms. “It is, in my opinion, the best form tool for lead generation because it allows for the creation of multi-step forms,” he says. “If you’re new to WordPress and want to add a gorgeous form to your site, WPForms is user friendly and requires only a few clicks to implement.”

For fast form-building that keeps your users interested long enough to capture their information, you want a platform that can make your vision a reality without messy coding. And these lead-generating platforms include powerful features to accomplish what you need: successful conversion of site visitors to leads. Try one of the forms in our list for a user-recommended experience that leads to actionable data.

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