3 ways to improve lead generation with the Jotform integration with HubSpot

Lead generation is essential to any successful inbound marketing strategy. To improve lead generation and overall marketing optimization efforts, many marketers rely on online forms to collect customer information.

However, collecting an abundance of customer data and lead information is cumbersome (read: time consuming) without a comprehensive CRM to capture and automate your leads. And having forms that are quick and easy to fill out on any device is key to a competitive marketing strategy.

The Jotform integration with HubSpot allows teams to upgrade their form submission process and improve both conversion rates and the customer experience along the way. Jotform’s no-code, drag-and-drop editor is easy to use and makes the creation of custom, branded, responsive forms simple for growing organizations.

Instead of manually inputting and updating customer data by copying it from Jotform and pasting it into HubSpot, marketing and sales teams (or anyone using forms to run their business) can speed up the flow of information using automation, and feel confident that the contact records in their database are up to date.

Business owners, healthcare organizations, nonprofits, government entities, education organizations, and others are already using the Jotform integration with HubSpot to optimize their use of lead generation forms and improve conversion rates.

Benefits of using Jotform + HubSpot to streamline lead generation

On its own, Jotform allows users to quickly create and distribute customized online forms to collect customer information. When integrated directly with the HubSpot CRM, users can further streamline their lead generation process by eliminating manual tasks.

According to Sarah Nelson, project manager at Staylisted, the Jotform integration with HubSpot has allowed her team to automate previously tedious tasks — like processing cancellations — by kicking off a workflow when exit surveys are submitted. Some processes are now completely hands-off.

“Prior to the HubSpot–Jotform integration, I ran behind on processing client cancellations, which sometimes led to a bad customer experience. Now that my process is automated, my life is easier because I can be confident clients aren’t getting mistakenly charged,” says Nelson.

Some other benefits that marketing, sales, and customer success team members have found when using the Jotform integration with HubSpot include

  • Building custom forms without writing a single line of code
  • Designing powerful forms for easy data collection
  • Automatically syncing updated customer data with HubSpot contacts
  • Sending prefilled forms to leads to maximize the chances for submission and improve the customer experience 

3 ways to use Jotform + HubSpot to improve lead generation and nurturing

Lead generation has long been an obstacle for marketing and sales teams, with 61 percent of marketers considering generating traffic and leads to be their biggest challenge.

Lead generation and conversion rate optimization (CRO) are now achievable — with the right integration and strategy. Eighty percent of marketers who use automation software say it drives increased leads, and 77 percent of them convert more leads than those who don’t use automation.

Here’s how lead generation automation and personalization tools like the Jotform integration with HubSpot can help marketing and sales teams optimize their lead management strategies.

1. Seamlessly populate contact records in HubSpot accounts

With the Jotform integration with HubSpot, customer accounts in the HubSpot CRM are updated automatically when contact forms are submitted.

As soon as a user fills out a linked form, the HubSpot CRM captures the contact information and updates their record — eliminating the need for manual contact transfer. Just map your form fields to custom HubSpot contact fields and rest assured knowing you’ve got the most recent contact information on all accounts.

3 ways to improve lead generation with the Jotform integration with HubSpot Image-1
Automate customer data synchronization in the HubSpot CRM with Jotform.

2. Automate data collection and use Jotform data in HubSpot workflows

Within Jotform, you can create all of the custom forms your marketing team needs to collect customer data. Forms are automatically optimized for completion on any device, whether mobile, tablet, or desktop computer. Once a user fills out a form for, say, a webinar or your email subscription, the data for new and existing customers is automatically reflected in your HubSpot CRM.

Regardless of whether you’re using the Jotform integration with HubSpot to ramp up your sales, marketing, or partnership requests, automating data collection will allow you to act on customer data faster.

Set up workflows using Jotform data to nurture leads, qualify prospects, convert new contacts, or upsell existing customers.

3. Create user-friendly, customized forms

Ninety-nine percent of marketers say personalization helps advance customer relationships. To increase your chances of converting leads, Jotform HubSpot Prefill pre-populates forms with information that’s already stored in your HubSpot CRM.

3 ways to improve lead generation with the Jotform integration with HubSpot Image-2
Use HubSpot Prefill to automatically populate known contact data, saving customers time. 

There are several benefits of using the prefill tool to create customized forms:

  • It saves your contacts time and effort while filling out forms.
  • It increases form completion by making data entry intuitive.
  • Partially completed forms can be sent securely.
  • Smart technology prevents duplicate records in your CRM.
  • It’s easy to troubleshoot customer and contact issues with live support and extensive support documentation.

“I use Jotform for all my online form creation, including client connect calls, online client evaluations, surveys, etc. I simply integrate Jotform with HubSpot, and the syncing is fantastic — now all our Facebook leads are automatically synced into our contacts list,” says Kristen Miller, management consulting leader.

To continue streamlining your lead generation processes, embrace automation. Try the Jotform integration with HubSpot, and see how your lead generation and nurturing workflows improve, leaving you time to build relationships with customers.

Katherine is the cofounder of CXD Studio, a creative content marketing agency. She is also a registered nurse and resides in the Boston area.

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