7 powerful Heyflow alternatives in 2024

No matter your business size, industry, or budget, generating sales leads can be difficult. It’s a time-consuming, expensive, and downright frustrating process, especially if you don’t have the proper knowledge, experience, and software to balance both outbound and inbound lead generation efforts.

Fortunately, no-code form builders like Heyflow can give you better insight into how and when customers engage with your brand, thanks to its form-building capabilities, third-party integrations, and analytics dashboard. With Heyflow’s drag-and-drop content blocks, premade form templates, hundreds of form design options (e.g., customizable form colors and fonts), and easy website embedding functionality, you can build interactive flows and marketing funnels for fast, painless conversion.

But as dynamic as Heyflow is, it’s not the only webflow tool out there. Here are seven Heyflow alternatives to consider.

1. OptinMonster

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Companies like Tripadvisor, McAfee, and Pinterest trust project management application OptinMonster, so it should come as no surprise that it’s on this list of Heyflow alternatives.

First, you can create and customize your online lead collection form with OptinMonster, choosing a background style, adding form elements, or changing colors and fonts. Then, you can use OptinMonster’s targeting and segmentation engine to personalize your messaging and optimize customer engagement. Finally, you can analyze all your efforts on OptinMonster’s analytics dashboard — viewing real-time promotional opportunities that can turn browsers into buyers.

2. Kartra Leads

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All-in-one marketing platform Kartra Leads promises to replace all other popular lead gen tools in your marketing tech stack, including ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, and HubSpot. Kartra connects all customer data — products they’ve purchased from you, open support tickets, and emails they’ve received — into one centralized platform and gives you full visibility and control of it.

Not only can you use this information to learn the behavioral patterns of your current clients and better nurture those relationships, but you can also use it to build better forms, marketing campaigns, and sales strategies to attract and convert more high-quality leads.

3. Slintel

Image of Slintel

Next on this list of Heyflow alternatives is website intelligence software Slintel. With Slintel, you can track customer behavior, identify active buyers, and perfect your sales pitch and content to build better customer relationships — all from one centralized platform.

In fact, using Slintel’s sales intelligence tool specifically, you can not only learn more about your prospective customers — including their pain points, needs, and current tech stack — but also more about your competitors, by gaining access to information like which companies are currently working with them. After all, knowing who your competitors’ leads are can help you create campaigns and build websites that will specifically target them (and others like them).

4. Kissflow

Image of Kissflow

Jam-packed with features like powerful analytics, a robust form builder, and customizable dashboards, workflow management solution Kissflow has all the tools you need to create high-quality workflows that generate high-quality leads.

Kissflow is easy to use, comprehensive, and, most importantly, designed to help users from all departments and coding backgrounds flawlessly automate and execute workflow processes. And with more than 1 million users spanning 160 countries, it’s clear Kissflow knows a thing or two about successful process management.

5. Process Street

Image of Process Street

Workflow management platform Process Street is your one-stop shop for workflow creation and collaboration. With Process Street, you can assign tasks, track progress, and get notifications when work is complete.

You can also create user-friendly online forms and documents, which colleagues can use internally and vendors and leads can use externally. And on top of collecting and sharing structured, valuable customer data, you can even use conditional logic and process automation to screen candidates and onboard clients.

6. GetResponse

Image of GetResponse

Email marketing platform GetResponse helps you build powerful forms to boost brand awareness, engage your target audience, and convert leads. Simply create and customize an online form — perhaps a new customer signup form or exit intent popup — add brand colors and custom fields to it, and embed it on your website. Then, as the form submissions start coming in, you can take advantage of GetResponse’s automated email feature, which welcomes new contacts and sends them relevant content to keep them engaged.

7. Jotform

With online form builder Jotform, you can build and customize forms, apps (including your own online store), PDFs, and tables using drag-and-drop functionality, ready-made templates, and code-free design tools.

This robust, intuitive platform makes it super easy to build a custom lead gen form (like a new customer registration or email signup form), send it in an email, embed it in a website, or upload it in a workflow, and then analyze its data. If you’re looking for a simple yet effective way to collect, manage, and store customer contact information for better conversion rates, it’s worth adding Jotform to your Heyflow alternatives shortlist.

While lead generation continues to be a difficult but necessary process for any organization, it is easier to manage with the right tools. So, whether you use Heyflow or any of these seven comparable Heyflow alternatives, you can trust you’ll be able to find, engage, and manage high-quality leads faster than ever before.

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