5 highly rated Growform alternatives in 2024

Marketing is a key function for any growing business. Without a continuous influx of new customers, your business will eventually stagnate and may even have to close up shop.

This brings up an important facet of marketing: lead generation. You can generate leads through various marketing tactics, but in today’s digital world, these tactics require the right technology. Enter Growform, a form-building platform designed solely to help companies drive leads.

The background on Growform

Designed with a focus on conversion rate optimization, Growform allows you to easily create lead capture forms for your website. It requires no coding skills, and you can embed forms on any type of landing page. Plus, it has 20 templates to help you get started.

However, Growform is a newer solution in the market, so it doesn’t have many reviews on popular third-party software review sites like G2 and Capterra. With so little user feedback available, deciding whether it would work well for your business is a bit difficult. But if you’re looking for more established, proven solutions with similar features, we’ve rounded up several below that have garnered enough user reviews to help you create a useful shortlist.

5 Growform alternatives

1. Jotform

Rating: 4.7 on G2 (2,900-plus reviews) | 4.7 on Capterra (1,800-plus reviews)

Jotform is a powerful form builder that works well as a Growform alternative. The platform has more than 200 lead-generation form templates to choose from. You can start with any of them and customize them to your liking with a simple drag-and-drop interface, or you can create a form from scratch.

Embed Jotform’s lead generation forms on your website to collect emails, phone numbers, addresses, and other data points to hand off to your sales team or store for future lead nurturing.  Thanks to its integrations with 100-plus other applications, Jotform fits naturally into your existing workflow, making it easy to share and manage the data you collect.


  • Conditional logic and answer piping
  • Form translation
  • Conversational question display
  • Email validation

2. Outgrow

Rating: 4.8 on G2 (270-plus reviews) | 4.9 on Capterra (200-plus reviews)

Image of the Outgrow interface displaying a budget offer

Outgrow is another Growform alternative that also has a collection of forms, surveys, quizzes, and calculators that can help you generate leads. You can craft forms with text input fields, single and multiple  choice options, numeric sliders, opinion scales, date and time pickers, and file uploads. You can use it to create calculators for everything from mortgage payments to percentages and discounts.

You can embed what you build in Outgrow in iframes, as pop-ups, and as chat boxes to give users a more interactive experience.


  • Branching logic
  • Conversion analytics
  • Graded assessments
  • Conditional messaging

3. Driftrock

Rating: 4.6 on G2 (10-plus reviews) | 4.6 on Capterra (10-plus reviews)

user interface of driftrock

Driftrock is another lead generation-focused Growform alternative that enables you to connect or create 20-plus lead sources, including Facebook Lead Ads, LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, and YouTube Lead Form Ads.

Built for industries such as publishing, real estate, automotive, and consumer packaged goods, Driftrock has embeddable forms to help you capture leads from your website, landing page, or other internet property.


  • Lead capture forms
  • Lead validation
  • Lead tracking and reporting
  • Audience syncing

4. SharpSpring

Rating: 4.5 on G2 (750-plus reviews) | 4.6 on Capterra (750-plus reviews)

user interface of sharpspring

SharpSpring is a more complex alternative, as it centralizes marketing automation, sales CRM features, and customer data in a single platform. The web forms you create in the platform can then autocomplete fields for returning customers.

For new leads, you can set up form fields so that new leads categorize themselves according to prebuilt buyer personas. This enables you to send customized emails and build more personalized landing pages.


  • Personalized marketing emails
  • Web form insights and analytics
  • Buyer persona mapping
  • CRM integration

5. Upflowy

Rating: 4.9 on G2 (30 reviews) | 4.8 on Capterra (15 reviews)

user interface of upflowy

Upflowy lets you create user flows for signups, customer onboarding, surveys, and lead capture using a drag-and-drop interface. You can use a combination of content and media blocks, custom fonts, standard form elements, and various forms of logic to create unique flows you can embed on your digital properties.


  • A/B testing
  • Flow triggers
  • Conditional logic
  • Split and merge logic

While there are many Growform alternatives available in the market, the ones above get high ratings from users. Consider trying out several of these alternatives to see which one best suits your team.

Photo by Jenny Ueberberg on Unsplash

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