Mark Your Calendars: Jotform for Healthcare Providers Webinar

Are you looking for a data collection tool that’s easy-to-use, fully customizable, and HIPAA compliant? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Keeping your patient information private and secure while increasing workflow efficiency is important to us. That’s why we’ve started the conversation around effective and safe data collection practices for healthcare providers.

In this webinar, we provide valuable information on:

  • How Jotform protects sensitive patient data with HIPAA compliance
  • Ideas for how healthcare professionals can streamline admin work and internal processes with online forms
  • Relevant healthcare online forms use cases
  • Tips on optimizing your online forms

You can read the full transcript of the webinar from here.

Interested in upgrading to one of our HIPAA-compliant plans? Click here for more information and ways to get started.

This article is originally published on Apr 27, 2018, and updated on Aug 11, 2020.
Annabel is the Director of Communications at Jotform. She's passionate about writing and has worked in communications roles domestically and internationally. When she's not blogging about SaaS or online forms, she enjoys international travel, loud concerts, and artisan coffee. You can reach Annabel through her contact form.

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