Streamline data collection with healthcare online forms

Streamline data collection with healthcare online forms

Whether you work in a hospital, clinic, nursing home, community health center, or other facilities that handle healthcare, you have business systems and processes that need to be efficiently streamlined to handle all of the information and paperwork that needs to be collected and organized on a daily basis. Using an online system to capture and store data reduces data entry errors, cuts down on processing delays, and ensures that important information is right where it needs to be- accessible and secure.

Jotform gives healthcare professionals the tools to easily create and quickly deploy medical forms that can immediately start collecting sensitive data from computers, tablets, and smartphones. Offering features that help with HIPAA compliance, even the most sensitive patient data is securely protected and safe within the Jotform platform. Jotform also integrates with HIPAA-friendly partners, including Box and Dropbox. Read on to learn about the online forms for healthcare that help you run your practice more efficiently.

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Securely collect sensitive patient health data with Jotform’s HIPAA-friendly online forms.

1. Patient Intake Form

Patient intake forms, or new patient registration forms, collect all of the necessary contact, insurance, and health-related information needed to onboard a new patient into your clinic’s system. Using a digital form will elevate your practice away from the dreaded stack of paper stuck on a clipboard method, and towards the convenience that technology can bring into you and your patient’s lives.

Accessible from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, forms created with Jotform are 100% mobile friendly so patients can submit their forms on the go. New patients can submit their information online in advance, or conveniently fill it out on a tablet in the waiting room. This eliminates an unnecessary data entry step and frees up time for more important work.

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Check out this sample form from here.

2. Medical History Form

Manually filling out a medical history form and jotting down names of medications is inefficient, to say the least. Take your medical history form online and allow patients to easily update their information as their current medications, allergies, and health issues change. Medical facilities that keep their patients’ medical histories up-to-date with an effective process provide an essential piece of providing exceptional patient care.

3. Patient Feedback Form

Patient satisfaction surveys are a convenient and efficient way to collect valuable feedback that can be used to improve your services and care on a continuous basis. Surveys can be automatically deployed or emailed to specific patients based on certain experiences that you’d like to learn more about.

Online surveys are more advantageous for both the healthcare professional and the patient: they’re easy to fill out on the go, they get higher completion rates, they’re the eco-friendly option, and they’re better suited for shareability and analysis. Surveys created with Jotform offer conditional logic, or logic jumps, which means patients receive a personalized survey based on responses to questions.

4. HIPAA Medical Release Form

A medical release form, or consent form, gives healthcare professionals permission to share patient medical information with other parties. Under HIPAA regulations, it’s referred to as an “authorization.” It can involve medical treatment, billing, and more. This important document should have a high level of data security that Jotform provides, and collect electronic signatures and other crucial information.

Browse medical form templates here, and let us know what other types of online forms you use at your healthcare practice in the comments!

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