Find products easily in order forms with a new search tool

Providing a wide range of choices in your online store can be good for business but bad for customers. 

There’s a good chance they don’t want to scroll through the list of products you’re selling, read multiple product descriptions, and go through the process of elimination on their own.

These hassles can not only frustrate customers but also convince them to abandon their shopping cart and find what they need elsewhere.

Jotform’s new search tool makes it easy for your customers to find exactly what they want or need without breaking a sweat. 

Since this tool is available in all of Jotform’s payment processor integrations, including those with Square, PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net, you can easily create a detailed product order form or food and beverage order form that doesn’t overwhelm your customers. 

When customers use the search box beside your list of products, Jotform’s search tool will filter the items you’re selling and only display relevant options that include the words or phrases customers are trying to find. The search tool narrows down options by locating words or phrases within the names and descriptions for each product.

This handy tool enables customers to place an order and pay for it in a matter of minutes.  

Check it out…

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How to add the search tool to your order form

  1. Once you select a payment processor and integrate it with your online form, click on the Payment Settings icon beside the payment field. 
  1. Determine how you want to collect payments and select any payment options that you want to offer before clicking Continue at the bottom of the Integration menu. 
Just so you know…

The search tool will only work if you select Sell Products or Sell Subscriptions in the Payment Type dropdown menu.

  1. Click on the Settings option under the Products tab in the Payment Settings menu.
  1. Click the Yes-No toggle switch to “yes” for the Enable Search option under the Product List Settings menu. This will display the payment integration’s search tool on your online order form.


Customers these days generally have two key expectations when they shop and order something online: convenience and speed.

That means creating frictionless browsing and checkout processes that don’t come with an instruction manual or require much trial and error. 

Jotform’s new search tool allows you to not only offer customers an array of choices but also help them find options that match their specific needs. 

Try out the new search tool with any one of Jotform’s payment processor integrations, and see how we’re making shopping and ordering online easier than ever.

This article is originally published on Jun 08, 2020, and updated on Nov 04, 2021.
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