Announcing JotForm’s Integration with Braintree for Payment Forms

Said by some to be the “future of PayPal,” popular payment platform Braintree is quickly becoming the tool of choice for consumers and businesses alike. An acquisition and subsidiary of PayPal, Braintree gives you the latest in payment prowess, if not the market leading user experience. Dubbed by insiders as a response to Stripe’s competing service, Braintree thrives on what it does best- processing payments while making account management simple and easy.

JotForm is excited to announce our integration with Braintree, adding it to our growing offering of payment integration platforms. What does that mean? It means you can quickly and easily set up a store, collect donations, or subscriptions using PayPal, Stripe, and now Braintree, among numerous other regionally preferred payment vendors.

How It Works

If you know how to set up a payment form with JotForm, you already know how to set up one with Braintree. If you don’t, then if you know how to drag and drop the Braintree field onto your form and fill out the fields in our easy-to-use wizard. It’s easy. Detailed instructions can be found here.


Braintree integration


Benefits of Braintree

Braintree offers comparable or improved payment options.

  • – The first $50K processed is fee free. This makes it effectively free for many users.
  • – Industry standard rates at 2.9% + $.30 when you go over your first $50K.
  • – Go global with theirsupport for 40 countries.
  • – Payments are available in 130 currencies.
  • – PCI Compliant (highest security for safety).
  • – Instant approval upon signup.
  • – Fast payouts, typically within two days.


Sample Payment Forms


Cookie Order Form
Subscription Order Form


Subscription Form with Braintree



Donation Order Form

Donation Form with Braintree

Adding Braintree to JotForm’s offering is just another way we bring the best to our users. Join the growing number of people who use JotForm to launch online stores, or any other payment related inspiration. Join the growing list of JotFormers using our payment integrations to make their business dreams a reality.

Have questions? Leave it in the comments and our 24/7 support staff will be happy to assist.

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