13 Merchant Tools for Online Website Payments

Jotform’s online merchant services offer powerful tools to help you create custom online forms, easily receive payments through your website, and collect all the data you need for your business to thrive.



Sell Your Products

Don’t know which payment processor to use yet? Our Product List form field lets you try out different payment gateway integrations before finding the one that best suits your needs — so you can keep your online store intact and sell your products with ease.


Build Custom Online Forms

Build the perfect payment form without writing a single line of code. With our drag-and-drop Form Builder, you can easily create online forms that match your business, connect them to your preferred payment processor, and publish them to start collecting money directly through your website.


Generate Invoices Instantly

Confirm orders with our invoice generation tool. Included in all our payment gateway integrations, it instantly sends customers their invoices as soon as they place and pay for an order through your online form.


Manage Product Stocks

Enable organizations of all sizes to better sell products through their online form without constantly logging into their Jotform account, manually removing items from their forms, or worrying about whether they’ll receive too many orders.

Mobile App

Powerful Mobile App

Manage your forms and submissions on the go with Jotform Mobile Forms, our free mobile app! Get notified of new payments instantly, assign your forms to teammates, and much more.


Manage Submissions

Stay on top of new orders or donations with Jotform Inbox! Manage submissions in an easy-to-use interface that lets you search or filter data to quickly find the information you’re looking for.


30+ Popular Payment Gateways

Whether you prefer PayPal, Square, Stripe, Authorize.Net, or another trusted payment gateway, you can find the best one for your business among our 30+ popular payment processors. Each integration can be set up in just a few clicks, so you can accept website payments in no time.

Conditional Logic

Personalized Customer Experience

Without any coding, you can easily set up conditional logic to reveal or hide questions based on how customers fill out your form. Giving customers a more personalized form experience can help increase conversions and keep them coming back for more!


100+ Integrations

Sync orders and submissions to other apps you’re already using, including your CRM, email list, cloud storage account, project management board, or online spreadsheet. You can even build your own integration with webhooks or Zapier to send submissions exactly where you want them.

File Upload Field

Accept File Uploads

Let customers upload photos to your order form so you can get a better idea of what they want — and keep them coming back for more. Ideal for selling custom cakes, T-shirts, jewelry, sports jerseys, and more.


Schedule Appointments

Set up appointments and collect fee payments at the same time with Jotform’s new appointment field. Build a custom appointment calendar to schedule medical appointments for patients, book your services, or receive reservation requests online.


Collect Electronic Signatures

Gather customer signatures for online invoices and transactions. Just add an electronic signature field or the Adobe Sign or Docusign widget to your form, and customers will be able to sign it using any device.


Free Payment Form Templates

Don’t have the time to create a payment form from scratch? No problem — just select one of our readymade payment form templates and customize it to meet your business needs. Then integrate it with your preferred payment gateway to start accepting website payments online!


Confirm Payments with Webhooks

Set up webhooks on your payment forms to send submission notifications to a specific URL. You’ll instantly receive transaction details exactly where you want them — and learn if a customer’s payment is successful or not the moment they complete your online form.