How The Pitch uses Jotform to help startups get investment ready

How The Pitch uses Jotform to help startups get investment ready

To grow a strong business from a good idea, startups need connections, investment backing, or both.

But many don’t know where to begin. They find it challenging to craft a compelling pitch and get the attention of investors. 

That’s where U.K.-based company Inkwell comes in. Enter its flagship brand: The Pitch, which offers an essential program to help startups get investment ready.

The Pitch is an all-in-one program that assists startups with “creating a kick-ass pitch and giving them a platform to use it.” 

This competition is by no means a small operation. To manage it, The Pitch relies on Jotform as its sole data-collection, management, and analysis tool to ensure all of its information is organized and readily accessible. 

About The Pitch 

The Pitch, which has a mission to get 70,000+ startups investment-ready each year, is run by Inkwell’s founder and CEO, Chris Goodfellow. 

With free resources and extensive training, The Pitch helps startups in all sectors and funding stages improve business skills, network with like-minded people, build confidence, and secure investment.

The Pitch works with companies that have been trading for less than three years — most want to make a positive impact in the world, whether on climate change, mental health, or something else.

“The most inspiring thing about The Pitch is to see the passion of the people who enter and the impact they’re trying to make with their startup,” says Goodfellow.

How The Pitch uses Jotform

Before Jotform, The Pitch had a tedious workflow for collecting, managing, and analyzing data. It required multiple steps, a handful of products, and manual labor. But with Jotform, the multistep process is now fluid and straightforward.

The Pitch primarily uses Jotform to handle applications. The program currently gets about 500 applications every year. Each application includes approximately 25 data points, such as why the startup should work with The Pitch and details about its market demand. 

The information is essential and helps The Pitch decide who should get shortlisted for the program. 

Jotform’s simple interface, design elements, and customization options give The Pitch total flexibility when building forms. 

The design elements of Jotform are outstanding. We’ve got a great completion rate on our primary form, which is the application form. We’ve done a lot of design work to tailor and improve it to align with our needs,

says Goodfellow.

In addition, Goodfellow speaks highly of Jotform’s reporting dashboard, the Report Builder.

With Report Builder, The Pitch can create and share professional, presentation-ready information with clients and partners. Better yet, it only takes one click to generate a report, saving tons of manual labor.  

Goodfellow also notes that Jotform’s top-notch security features and GDPR compliance ensure that the team has nothing to worry about while handling hundreds of people’s data.

Jotform is very robust — it’s an all-in-one ecosystem, which makes it reliable and easy for my team to use,

Goodfellow says
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