How to Create Multistep Approvals in Jotform Approvals

September 15, 2022

Some approval processes are more complicated than a single approval or denial. You may have an instance where several approvers need to approve or deny a request before the flow can move to the next step in the process. In this case, you can create a multistep approval flow.

Creating a Multistep Approval Flow

When you create a new approval process, you start with the basic one-step approval workflow by default. You can easily turn this into a multistep approval workflow.


Note: Select the One Step Approval template if you create the approval from My Approvals.

Here’s how to create a multistep approval flow:

  1. Start by deleting the Send Email element under the “Approve” outcome.

Also, delete the link or path under it so you can create a new outcome later on.

  1. Replace the deleted Send Email element with an Approval element.
  1. Open the Approval element’s properties panel and set the approver’s email.

Now that the new Approval element is set, you need to set up its outcomes.

  1. Create a path for the Approved outcome for the Approval element.
  1. Do the same for the Deny outcome.
  2. Connect both outcomes to an End element to complete the setup.

Once completed, you should have a workflow similar to the following:


That’s about it for creating a basic multistep approval flow. To learn more about the Approval element, see How to Set Up an Approval Element in Jotform Approvals.

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