How to Create Multistep Approvals in Jotform Approvals

January 19, 2022

Some approval processes are more complicated than a single approval or denial. You may have several instances in which several approvers need to approve or deny a request before the flow can move to the next step in the process. In these cases, you can create multistep approvals.

When you start a new approval process, you have a basic one-step approval workflow.


You can easily customize the basic approval workflow into a multistep approval. 


Modify the Default “One Step Approval” Workflow

  1. Start by deleting the Send Email element under the “Approve” outcome.

Also, delete the link under it so we could create a new outcome later on.

  1. Open the Element panel.
  1. Replace the deleted Send Email with an Approval element.

You can then edit the new Approval element’s properties by clicking on the gear icon. In the Approval Properties panel, you can add the approver’s email, rename the element, and configure other options. 


Once you’ve created and set up a new Approval element, you need to set up the outcomes.

Set up the Outcome

In this example, we’re going to set up the workflow so that the form filler gets notified of the outcome via email. So go ahead and add two Send Email elements under the Approval element previously created – one for “Approved” and one for “Denied”.


To put them all together:

  1. Hover on the previously created Approval element, then click or drag the plus icon that appears at the edge of the element.
  1. Connect it to the “approved” Send Email element.
  2. Click on the Select Outcome button and select the Approve option.
  1. Repeat the process for the “Denied” outcome.

Note: You can edit the Outcomes option from the Approval element’s properties panel.

Please visit the following user guide for more information about advanced settings: How to Set up an Approval Element in Jotform Approvals

When you’ve added another approval step and correctly connected all the elements, you’ll have a multistep approval process.


Create a Multistep Approval from Scratch

You can create a multistep approval from scratch via the My Approvals page.

  1. Click on the  Create Approval button.  
  2. Select Start From Scratch

When you select Start From Scratch, you’ll see a new approval workflow without any elements. 

First, select a form for the new approval workflow. Click on the Add Form button.


After selecting the form, start dragging and dropping the elements you need from the Elements tab on the left side of the screen.

You can learn more about all of the Approval Element from the below guide: How to Set up an Approval Element in Jotform Approvals

The main element of every multistep approval process is the approval element. You’re able to select as many approval steps as you need. 

Simply drag and drop approval elements from the Elements tab to start creating a multistep approval. 

Please note that you cannot link multiple approval processes to the same form. Your form can only be connected to one approval process; however, you can create multiple steps in one approval process. 

Select the approval element and move it to your flow. You can edit the approval properties by clicking on the dots next to the element and selecting the gear icon. In the Approval Properties, you can add the approver’s email, rename the element, or configure other options. 

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