How to Enable Save and Continue Later on Forms

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Save and Continue Later, also known as Autofill or Continue Forms Later, offers ways for your form fillers to save their partially filled-out form. It is useful for long forms or forms with multiple pages. 

Your form fillers can either save their draft to their account, copy the session link, or have the link sent to their email address.

To enable Save and Continue Later

  1. In the Form Builder, select your Submit button’s gear icon to open properties.
  2. In the properties pane on the right, go to Advanced.
  3. Finally, turn on Save And Continue Later.
Steps to enable Save And Continue Later in Form Builder

You can set the save button’s label in the Button Text field.


The incomplete submissions’ data are kept in Tables until overwritten, deleted, or completed. To learn more, see How to View Incomplete Submissions.


Enabling Save and Continue Later adds a Save button to your form. The button opens a save dialog where your form fillers can choose to sign up or log in to Jotform to save and easily manage their sessions or drafts in their account.

The Save your progress dialog

Your form fillers can also use the Skip Create an Account link at the bottom of the save dialog to get the session link or have it emailed to their address.

Customizing the Save and Continue Later Email

Once Save and Continue Later is enabled on your form, you can customize the message for your form fillers if they decide to save their partial data and have their session link sent to their email.

To edit the email template

  1. In the Form Builder, go to Settings at the top.
  2. On the next page, select Show More Options at the bottom.
Steps to access more options in Form Builder
  1. Scroll down to Continue Forms Later — ensure that it’s enabled — and then select Customize Save and Continue Later Email.
An arrow pointing to the Customize Save and Continue Later Email option in Form Builder
  1. Edit the email template on the next page.
The Save And Continue Later email template in Form Builder

Here are the elements you can customize in the email template editor:

  • Email Subject — This will be used as the email’s subject line.
  • Email Content — The main body of the email template. You can edit, format, or style it as you like.
    Note: The Continue Form button holds the form fillers’ session link. Keeping it is highly recommended.
  • Sender Email — Can be found under the Advanced tab. You can configure it so your users receive emails from your own SMTP server instead of Jotform’s servers.
  1. When you’re done, scroll down to the bottom and select Save Changes.

Discard & Start Over and Continue With Draft

If your form fillers access the form directly — without using the session link — and Jotform found an existing draft, they’ll be prompted whether they’d like to start over and restart filling out the form or to continue where they left off.

You have a draft for this form

Saving Partially Filled-Out Forms in Jotform Mobile Forms

Save and Continue Later have additional features in Jotform Mobile Forms. It’s built-in on the app and you, as the form owner or assignee, can save multiple submission drafts for forms launched from the main dashboard and viewed directly on the app.


Forms that need to be opened in browsers or require an internet connection, like payment forms, are not supported.

To create a submission draft in Jotform Mobile Forms

  1. Go to the main dashboard and choose your form.
  2. Select Fill Out from the bottom menu.
The Fill Out option in Jotform Mobile Forms
  1. Partially fill out the form, then select back in the upper-left corner or on your device to open the Save as Draft dialog.
Arrows pointing to the back buttons in Jotform Mobile Forms

You can also use the save icon in the upper-right corner on forms with Save and Continue Later turned on.

  1. In Save as Draft, select Save and continue later.
The Save and Continue Later button in Jotform Mobile Forms

Viewing Saved Drafts in Jotform Mobile Forms

Your drafts are saved in the form’s inbox. To view them

  1. In the main dashboard, choose your form.
  2. Select Submissions from the bottom menu.
Arrow guides to view submissions in Jotform Mobile Forms
  1. In Inbox, choose your draft.
A submission draft in Jotform Mobile Forms
  1. Choose whether to continue or discard your draft.
Options to continue or discard an incomplete submission in Jotform Mobile Forms
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