How to Enable Autofill on Forms

October 19, 2021

The Autofill (Continue Forms Later) offers ways to form fillers to save the partially completed form and come back to it at a later date to continue. It is useful for long forms or forms with multiple pages. 

The updated Autofill feature now sends the Session Link through the submitter’s email address without the need to use two forms. The Session Email can also be customized or branded with your company’s logo. The sender email can also be changed.

To enable Autofill, you need to navigate to the following windows:

1. Click SETTINGS at the top > FORM SETTINGS on the left > then click the SHOW MORE OPTIONS button.

2. Scroll down a bit and change CONTINUE FORMS LATER to ENABLED.

Once enabled, you can click the Customize Save and Continue Later Email link to set up the Session Email as mentioned above. 

You’ll get the following window when clicking the link:

Email Subject: You can customize the message on this box plus personalize it with the form title.

Email Content: You can customize the logo, the image, and the message. We do not recommend removing the button and the {{shareLink}} tag.

In the Advanced tab, you’ll see the Sender Email:

You can add a custom sender email through your Account – Settings tab. Guide below:

Don’t forget to click the Save Changes button if you’re done. 

How does this work? It’s simple! The Save button is added beside the page break or the submit button of the form.

**The text can be changed by clicking on it in the form builder.

Once the button clicked, users will get the following window:

Users can connect with their Google or Facebook accounts. When they do, it creates a Jotform account for them, and they’ll get the Session Email. 

Users can also skip creating an account by clicking the Skip Create an Account link at the bottom of the window. Once the link is clicked, the next window will appear:

**The email address is automatically filled if there’s an email field in the form and the user fills it first. Otherwise, the user will be asked to enter it. 

The Send Link button once click sends the Session Email in the following format:

Users can click on the session button or link to continue. If users access the form without the session ID in the form URL, they’ll be prompted with the following window:

Clicking the Discard & Start Over option will open up a blank form. The old session is still saved, and users can continue on that session provided that they still have the link. Otherwise, it is considered lost as we do not keep sessions in the form due to security/privacy reasons. 

If the Continue With Draft option is clicked, their previous session is automatically loaded for them to continue.

Here’s a demo form if you’d like to try it:

That’s pretty much it! If you have difficulties getting this to work or if you have issues with the autofill, post it as a comment below or go to our support forum and create a thread. 

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