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Redirecting Users to a Different Page

Redirecting Users to a Different Page

Do you want people to go to a different page when they've submitted your form?  Maybe, you want to redirect them to your homepage after the form is completed. Well, follow the steps below to send your users to any URL you want.

1. Just click on SETTINGS.

2. Click on THANK YOU PAGE.

3.Click on the "Redirect to external link" option.

4. Enter the URL of the page.

5. The change is automatically saved.

If you want to redirect the submitter to another URL based on their answer in the form, you can do it by setting up a "Change Thank You URL after submission" condition. Here's a guide on how you can do it:

How'd you do? Do you have any suggestions on improving the wizard or the experience itself? Please tell us in the comments section below.

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  • MintSdnBhd

    Hello how i can create one for card layout?

  • Kathleen_Frantz_connect

    Can you have a thank you appear and then have it redirect after submission?

  • carminemennacoach

    Hello, is it possible to preview the different external links set up for different paths and answers, withiut having to test a real submission?
    I have many paths set

    Thank you

  • dansieg

    hello - is this a premium feature? I can't seem to find the "thank you" page option anywhere under settings

  • NXcontact

    Hello I am not getting the way to get the different URL for the thank you page in Unbounce where I have used Jotform Form


    is it possible that the forms submitted could send a copy of same to whatsapp ?

  • igenmedia

    Please ignore the question for form: Form:

    It has been solved.

  • igenmedia

    The redirection URL for Thank you page is not going to the right URL.

  • monika mishra

    thank you!

  • terrychoy3218

    It s better to have an option for the submitter to choose either to go back to the orignal URL or exit the Thank you page.

  • brandondeon123

    I've clicked on settings but the thank you page is not an option to click????

  • unaburo

    Is it possible to redirect to a different pages accoding to the language? Our form is in two languages and we would like to redirect to either a FR or EN thank you page. Is it possible?

  • wanderbrand

    Hey Guys,

    I found where they moved the Thank You Page Options!

    Check in the "BUILD" section of the form
    Scroll to the bottom of the page
    It should say " EDIT THANK YOU PAGE"
    Click that, and it gives you the above options

    Good Luck

    *btw I help entrepreneurs win with 1 on 1 consulting |

  • pravin0217

    i try this its not working page not redirecting to my selected page it show previous input control value

  • speedmobi

    Why would you suggest a solution when that option for Thank You Page isn't even in the software?

  • rjlynch

    Is there a way to open multiple links at once? My form has a search query that is used to populate the redirect and I want to have it run searches through multiple different urls. Is there a way to do this? I'm not seeing how I can have a single "if" and multiple "thens" for redirects.

  • prospectdave

    Looks like Jotform need to learn how to interact with their users. Earth to jotform your customers are trying to engage with you. Also, this help article is outdated.

  • GerardBarlow

    How can I have the thank you page "flash up" for three seconds so a user knows they successfully submitted the form and the redirecting back to the form for another user.
    I want to use this as a kiosk and I have to let the user know the form actually went through successfully before going back to the form for another user.

  • ekremeier61

    Redirect after submission is not working for me. I have used it on other forms with no issues. It still goes to the old page I was redirecting people to. How can I fix this?

  • adewaleahmed2012

    Good Morning,
    What i mean by Looping is to link two Address together such as student Address and Guardian's Address together, Just to make sure the two Address re correct.

  • ugc_ucsh

    Hi. This is not working in my form ( I clonated one from another own account and edited. Then I changed the THANK YOU PAGE for a link to an external page. But after a submission I still see the original THANK YOU PAGE (that of the form that was clonated). I tested in incognito mode in Google Chrome. Can you give me any advise to solve the problem, please?

  • Meerabai

    Is it possible for the page to redirect based on the answers given in the form? I want my form to go to a scheduling page if they answer a specific multiple choice question a certain way, and go to another page if they answer it a different way.

  • DianeGarrison

    I used the simple regiistration format and Thank You Page is not offered on the settings. Why is that? Do I need to create a new form? This is so frustrating. I am running in circles.

  • GrainConnect

    Thank you for coming back to me so quickly. We will try the redirect and I will let you know how we get on.

    Thanks again,

  • bayviewboom

    instead of a static url, can we use javascript?

  • schererviolins

    Yes, I also need the form to do both the thank you landing page and the redirect—not one or the other. A redirect after submitting without a confirmation page is not a good user experience.

  • giacosmom

    as stated, I need the form to do both the thank you and the redirect -- not one or the other --

  • braambos04


    I have chosen the option redirect to an external link (external link is; And then, when I test the form I still see the old thank you message. I have tested the form 4 times and waited a couple of hours in between.

    Hope you can help,

  • Ghoulchemist

    I want to redirect the user to a page have some text and the last number of form submitted .. thanks .

  • submarket

    I have done this and it is not working.

  • eltimbalino

    In the 'Redirect to a URL' page, can you please detect if the form has used the 'Get referer widget'. If it has, then can you please pre-fill the URL text field with the code that redirects to the source URL.

    Also, if you like scope creep, just make the default text "Return them to the source URL" and if they have not used the 'Get referer widget' just add it into the form automatically. Then you are able to automatically return all users back to their source website, unless the field has been updated to use a new URL.

    If you LOVE scope creep, create a second field to optionally add an extension to the source URL like [sourceURL]/thankyou.html

    That way a user can use the same form for their five different websites, and return them all to their source websites' thankyou page.

    At a minimum, please let me know how to use the information in my 'Get referer widget' as my destination URL.

  • HumbirdMedia


    It's 2018 and my form does not redirect to an external thank you page. Please assist.

  • jr1223hat

    Where did the thank you page feature go. I don't see it anymore.

  • seiu503

    the 'thank you page' menu item is not visible in the interface: (screenshot:

    has this option moved? if so please update the documentation so others can find it too. thanks

  • corretordaniel

    I use the same form in different domains. There is possible to apply a different redirect for each domain with only 1 form? It could be the same slug but the root domain needs to be different.

    For exemple:
    If the form is in the domain it redirect to
    But if the same form is in the domain it redirect to

    This is possible?


  • vfwguy

    Aha, I thought I used that before ... but then JOTFORM started exhibiting bizarre behavior. I did a virus scan/ disk cleanup, everything. Now THANK YOU is still MIA (missing in action). I've got the other four titles on the left panel (FORM SETTINGS CONDITIONS EMAILS INTEGRATIONS but THANK YOU PAGE is missing there.

    Be well, regards

  • abdel160

    i can't find the "Thank you page" option under settings for some reason. there is also no "css" for form designer and and "source code" under "embed". i thought it was because i hadn't upgrraded my account yet but even after i upgraded still these functionalities are nowhere to be found?!?!?!

  • forestrunhk

    sorry i cant find it
    can it do in free account?

  • boschusa

    How do I redirect users from the Thank you page back to a different page in my JotForm? For example, once users are done registering for an event, they can be redirected to another page that I have set up in JotForm to reserve a hotel room.

  • minnichn

    Is there a way to keep users on the same page? Like create an anchor link and use that in the custom URL field?

  • mansum

    I had download the form source file and uploaded it to my server. Where can i edit the thank you page redirect url? Is it still using this platform?

  • 4jsloveoc

    So, I set up the "Thank You" to redirect to my URL home page. Is there a way to change the name of that gray button on the bottom of the Paypal form that says "Return to Merchant"? We are a school, so I'd really like it to say "Return to Pioneer Home Page"

  • uoflLibraries

    I'm using the form to send the user the page title and URL for whichever page they are on. When the "your email has been sent" message appears is there a way to send them back to the page they were on?

    ie. I can't enter a fixed URL because the URL will be different depending on which page they were on.

  • groupsing

    How do test it when i finish it?

  • hampton15

    how do we get the thank you page to populate and then after 3 seconds redirect back to the form.

  • avriloconnor

    Expect answer is this is no but will ask anyway. If people use the form to take part in a comp - is there a way for them to be directed (by say clicking a button/link) to a different page/website to find the answer and be automatically directed back to answer the question?

  • Shaynes

    Is there a way to redirect to the form from the thank you page automatically after a certain number of seconds?

  • scot_k

    Hello, Brand new to this form thing - just creating my first form. I have four pages in my form, and would like to have people sent to a given page from the main page, depending on which selection they make, without having to select 'NEXT'. Can they be directed to page 4 (for example) from the main page, when they make a that selection?

  • mbakhtiar

    I have 9 forms now. How can I redirect respondents from form# 1 to form #2 and then form# 3 and so on (after submitting each form). Please note that I want to do it through sending email to respondents, not through custom URL. The function of email setup seems does not work either in this way, because I don't want to send all forms together. I want each form to be sent following submission of previous form.
    Thanks a lot for you help,

  • Jay D. Gotlieb

    I want them to buy my product first then get the download for my ebook as it is free so I see no possible way to have them buy first then get the free ebook. If there is a way let me know because when they hit submit I want them to go to paypal so I would probably need to set up a separate page on my website to download the book then I only have 1 product and your form will not work showing the product they need to buy. Any solutions?