How to Display Uploaded Image in the Form Emails or Thank You Message

December 6, 2023

Email Autoresponders, Notifications, and Thank You page allows you to display images that were uploaded by form respondents.

Check out our walkthrough below to see how it’s done:

To display the uploaded image directly in your Email Alert or Thank You page, the IMG: prefix should be added to your upload field tag.

  1. Go to the Settings page of your form.
  2. Select the Emails tab from the left menu.
  3. Hover over the Notification or Autoresponder Email and click the pencil icon.
How to Display Uploaded Image in the Form Emails or Thank You Message Image-1
  1. Add the prefix to the Unique Name of your Upload element. For example, change {fileUpload} to {IMG:fileUpload}. This prefix will create an image with the original dimensions of the uploaded image.
How to Display Uploaded Image in the Form Emails or Thank You Message Image-2

Display Uploaded Image on the Thank You Page

you can also display an uploaded image on the Thank you page right after form submission.

  1. On your Settings page, go to the Thank You Page tab from the left menu.
  2. Click the +Add Form button.
  3. Select a place where to add your field and add your File Upload field.
  4. Add IMG: prefix to the Unique Name.
How to Display Uploaded Image in the Form Emails or Thank You Message Image-3

Once you finish your setup, the Uploaded Image will be displayed on the Emails or Thank you page right after the form submission.

Pro Tips:
If you want to specify dimensions, you should provide them as arguments. Such as {IMG:fileUpload:100:200} will put an image 100px wide and 200px tall.

If you’d like the width or height to be auto-calculated just leave them blank. For example, {IMG:fileUpload::200} – the width will be automatically calculated and the height will be 200px.
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