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How to Post Screenshots to Our Support Forum

How to Post Screenshots to Our Support Forum

When you post a question to our Support Forum, you get the replies via email. Most of the time, users reply straight from their email clients and attach files, documents, or screenshots to it. But, our Support Forum doesn't accept any of these email attachments so in order to post them, follow these steps:

1. Open your thread on your browser. If you got a reply via email, there should be a link at the bottom right named VIEW THIS THREAD ON BROWSER that will open it in a new tab.

2. Once you have the thread open, scroll downwards until you see the YOUR ANSWER section.

3. This is where you will reply. Click the INSERT / EDIT IMAGE button.

4. Then either paste the image URL or upload the image from your PC. Click the OK button to post the image on your thread.

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  • LodaAmons

    has there been a resolution to this?
    I just tried to create pdf again and still get the same results as before

  • DidierAubin87

    I got it. Thank you so much in advances and guidline :)

  • AccessFundraising

    my question was answer thanks and goodbye

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