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How to Post Screenshots to Our Support Forum

How to Post Screenshots to Our Support Forum

When you post a question to our Support Forum, you get the replies via email. Most of the time, users reply straight from their email clients and attach files, documents, or screenshots to it. But, our Support Forum doesn't accept any of these email attachments so in order to post them, follow these steps:

1. Open the thread in your browser. If you got a reply via email, there should be a link at the bottom right that says VIEW THIS THREAD ON BROWSER. Click that link to open your thread in a new tab.

2. Once you have your thread open, scroll downwards until you see the YOUR ANSWER section.

3. This is where you will reply. Click the INSERT / EDIT IMAGE button.

4. Then either paste the image URL or upload the image from your PC. Click the OK button to post the image on your thread.

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  • Sravan

    Hi sir,

    It is 10th now now but still my account is showing as quota full how can it be possible please clear it.

    One more thing when ever somebody clicks our form we are getting two forms with same information please sort this also.

  • reiningaustralia

    Hi, I am currently having problems with the multigrid. My form has a number of sections. GOOSeNECK SECTION, STABLE BLOCK A & STABLE BLOCK B seem to be affected. Here is my form.
    As soon as some stables are booked OR Gooseneck Parking, the widget dissapears (please see screenshot). I have deleted the widgets and started again but to no avail.

  • bishopkldavis2


    Data Submitted:
    [submission_id] => 4383341279815026492
    [formID] => 90867582341161
    [ip] =>
    [studentname] => Array
    [0] => Kenneth
    [1] => L
    [2] => Davis

    [birthdate24] => Array
    [0] => January
    [1] => 17
    [2] => 1972

    [gender] => Male
    [address] => Array
    [0] => 6453 brando loop
    [1] =>
    [2] => fair oaks
    [3] => CA
    [4] => 95628
    [5] => United States

    [studentemail6] =>
    [mobilenumber] => Array
    [0] => 916
    [1] => 5833900

    [phonenumber25] => Array
    [0] => 916
    [1] => 5833900

    [degreetype] => Doctorate
    [registrationfee] => Array
    [0] => ["Registration Fee (Amount: 75.00 USD)"]
    [1] => USD
    [2] => 75.00
    [3] => 39361962NB591011E
    [4] => 2.48
    [5] =>
    [6] => kenneth davis
    [7] =>


    PHP Code:

  • marcikess

    i want to be able to use the form and be able to fill in different items, i dont want to have to go to jotform each time and add a new item and price

  • rdjoseph897

    To JohnRex,
    I only get a large screen display with the Error message in it.
    PCI::Error during transaction

  • rdjoseph897

    I am still getting the error
    PCI:: Error during Transaction
    please go back and fix this

  • Jolene Casey

    Can you see my screen shot I am unable to connect to stripe still moved it to live mode and now sending my screen shot link

  • Inhisimagepageantrysystems

    Here is the screenshot of my PayPal account showing none of the payments received after 4-15-19 have went through

  • practicemarketer

    Looks like its fine now. the submission page is the one to which I was referring

  • Sideways10Up

    I have created a form and have set up "trigger mails" to send send to people that have completed the from.
    The images in an emails can either arrive in an inbox embedded or still be referenced in other words the recipient needs to right click on the placeholder where the image needs to go and click on download image, this then downloads the image and seconds later displays where the placeholder frame is.
    currently I can only get the mails that I build in Jotform to be referenced in the body of the mail.
    How can I change this setting when creating the mails to arrive already in place (embedded) in the recipients inbox?

  • Canine_Angels

    This is a copy of what I received after doing a test application form. No option to "upload the image". Is it possible to talk with someone from your support team?


    ‎Jan‎ ‎16 at ‎12‎:‎03‎ ‎PM

    Canine Angels Career Change Dog

    Kerrie Walters
    Street Address: 3775 Redwood Hwy
    State / Province: OR
    Postal / Zip Code: 97527
    Phone Number
    (5416605539) 5416605539
    Landlord's phone
    (5416605539) 5416605539
    Vet's Phone
    (5416605539) 5416605539

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  • Renee


    I am a mortgage agent. I did not know I could not collect certain information. I took it off the form. Can you check to see if it is ok now and reactivate my form? Also, can you let me know what information I can or cannot put ? Here is a list of things just say yes or no:

    *Credit ( bad, good, fair,excellent)
    *Are you a home owner ( yes,no)
    *How much debt do you have ( credit, auto, mortgage)

    Those were the questions I took out to get approved. Let me know if some I can put back on my form.

    Thank you .

  • Renee

    I took out credit info on form. Can you reactivate ? You should make a check list of things we an put on our forms if we are mortgage agents etc. Thank you

  • Tom Johnson

    Perhaps you can see my problem on this video.

  • LodaAmons

    has there been a resolution to this?
    I just tried to create pdf again and still get the same results as before

  • DidierAubin87

    I got it. Thank you so much in advances and guidline :)

  • AccessFundraising

    my question was answer thanks and goodbye