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Order Form Types

Last Update: September 10, 2017

Why Use Order Forms?

Forms gather important data for your business. An Order Form lets you grow a customer base, see your purchase funnel, conversion rates, and much more. For example, if you have info about customers with unsuccessful payments, you'll be able to email back on why they've given up on purchasing your product resulting in invaluable feedback.

Which Order Form Type Should I Use?

It depends on your business and goals. If you know what each order type does, you'll easily be able to do the rest. There are 6 types of order forms you can create with JotForm which will most definitely cover any of your needs. Here's a short list to get a better idea on order form types. Don't forget to check out the details of each down below.

🔘 One product with single choice

🔘 One product with multiple choices

🔘 Multiple products with multiple choices

🔘 Single choice recurring subscription

🔘 Multiple choice recurring subscriptions

🔘 Donations with a single entry field

1. One Product with Single Choice | TOP ↑

If you have an e-book, a downloadable program, or a unique item and want to sell it online, using this payment type is perfect for you. On your form, the user is not asked to choose an item directly from your form. Instead, they'll be able to purchase your product after they fill out your form.

Check out this form template and even clone it to your own account to get a quick start on setting up your one product with single choice order form.

**A workaround to display your product on this particular order type**

If you'd like the user to choose the product on your form, a workaround would be to add a new $0 product to your form. This way, your users can choose if they would like the product or not without having to complete your form.

2. One Product with Multiple Choices | TOP ↑

This is relatively the same as #1 above but gives more flexibility to the customer. Additionally, your customers will see their product choices on your form and select one product on the spot.

Check out this form template and even clone it to your own account to get a quick start on setting up your one product with multiple choices order form.

3. Multiple Products with Multiple Choices | TOP ↑

You've got lots of products in your hand. Maybe you own a beauty shop, bakery, or winery. Showcase any of your products with this payment type for bulk purchases.

Check out this form template and even clone it to your own account to get a quick start on setting up your multiple product with multiple choices, e-commerce, like order form.

4. Single Choice Recurring Subscription | TOP ↑

Do you offer a service and want recurring payments for it? Think about professional online courses. You'll pay for a period until the course ends and you're done. Using this type of order form is usually preferred by professional services.

Check out this form template and even clone it to your own account to get a quick start on setting up your single choice recurring subscription type order form.

5. Multiple Choice Recurring Subscriptions | TOP ↑

Got multiple choices for your subscription options? We've prepared a pricing plan similar to ours with just a payment form and it looks really good including 30-day free trial option. This order type is perfect for SaaS (Software as a Service) businesses.

Check out this form template and even clone it to your own account to get a quick start on setting up your multiple choice recurring subscription type order form.

6. Donations with a Single Entry Field | TOP ↑

Asking donations is a simple way to collect payments for your cause. Set up a minimum fee, put a fixed price, or leave it upon your visitor's discretion.

Check out this form template and even clone it to your own account to get a quick start on setting up your donation form.

Now that you know more about order form types, it's time to create your first order form. Got questions? Please let us know below!


  • qsoaps

    Having to check a box AND then select the quantity is double handling. There was some confusion so I defaulted all the quantities to 0, so it doesn't look like you've ordered 1 of everything. If a customer ticks a product but doesn't select a quantity, it causes an error at paypal end. Can I do it any other way - like get rid of the check box and only have select quantity?

  • ThomasMcCann

    I want to charge say $5 for each form submission. If a person wants to submit 4 forms I do not want 4 payments of $5, I want one payment of $20 through paypal. Please inform if this can be done.

    How to I reconcile form submissions to paypal payments?

    Thanks Tommy

  • aytekin

    qsoaps : That's a great idea. I added this to our feature requests list.

    ThomasMcCann: I think you should use the "Quantity" option. It is available on the Payment Wizard page where you add products. Click on "Add New Option", then enable "Quantity" option.

  • rbrowntravel

    I'm looking for a secure payment form type that my customers can use to submit their payment with cc info to me for payment on travel arrangements. We submit the payments to the vendors, such as the cruise line, so there is no need for a merchant account.

  • JotFormSupport

    You can change the forms address from


    so that the communication will be done securely. You can give this page's address to your customers.


  • gilbane

    Im trying to come up with a way to gererate a daily/ weekly/ monthly report to try to automatically keep track of payments submitted. Is this possible? even if there were a way to be allowed to select a date range for the entries, like if i want to see all my payments from feb 12 2011, i generate a report and I would get a report with ALL the payments when All i may need at that point was the submissions from 12 feb.

  • a1home

    i can not get payment from paypal. if customer does not want to set a pay pal account then they can use their cc but an error comes up.. pay pal says they don't know why please help i go live on the web on the 17th of feb and expect alot of buyers...

  • astaten07

    I am using the google check out option. how do I add the payment submission? At the end of the form, it just shows a total, but how does the order get submitted and how can they type in their credit card information so that the payment goes directly into my account. please advise!

  • briancr

    is there any way to incorporate both subscriptions and products onto the same form? Ex. Purchase monthly subscription and opt in for a one time service associated with service.

  • bexrotica

    When creating a 'Purchase Order' form, my customers don't get asked to submit a payment, after the form is complete. Please help.

  • rrw

    I am using Google Checkout on my website and I have a shopping cart setup through Google. Is there a way to have it add the item to the shopping card when the person submits the form vs. having to pay immediately upon submission? Then they can submit multiple forms all added to a shopping cart, and make a payment for everything once done. Please let me know if this can be done. Thank!

  • Hallo

    Is it possible with paypal to create a transmission price/service charges what the customers pay irrespective of the quantity of the products the customer wants?
    For example: a customer wants to buy 3 products for €15,00 + €4,00 transmission price = €19,00
    Or a customer wants to buy 1 product for €9,00 + €4,00 transmission price = €13,00.

    Please let me know if this is possible.
    I'm sorry for my bad English, I'm Dutch..

  • ginou


    J'ai 3 types de produits ayant chacun 3 options à des prix différents :

    - Produit 1 - option 1
    - Produit 1 - option 2
    - Produit 1 option 3

    - Produit 2 - option 1
    - Produit 2 - option 2
    - Produit 2 option 3

    - Produit 3 - option 1
    - Produit 3 - option 2
    - Produit 3 option 3

    Comment puis-je regrouper les produits en 3 paragraphes, chacun incluant les 3 options, ceci afin d'éviter cette longue liste de 3 produits ?


  • germy203

    Os felicito por este duro trabajo. solo quiero decirles que si es posible traducir al español para los del mundo hispano. Quisiera tener acceso a poder traducir mis formularios, ¿dónde lo puedo hacer?
    Un saludo

  • gianninet

    Me gustaria saber si el formulario puede calcula el precio del producto y sumar el precio en envio segun la zona


  • amkmc

    Can I run tier selections please?

    eg: selection of room types
    then after selecting room, they select if they want to add meals, if yes, which type of meals.

    Can we do that please? Please help. Thanks

  • halh

    Is it possible to have a fixed price (membership) AND donations (free field for entry of amount) on the same form and have the total calculated before passing to PayPal? I've looked into conditional logic options but they seem to generate an OR one or another selection; I'm looking for an AND.

  • Brad

    Is there a way to select which of the options in the payments list is the default? For example, I have 4 products, A, B, C and D. I want to display them in that order, but I want A to be selected by default.

  • deanolson22


    We are running payments through Can you help me address the following question?

    "On the page you accept payments it is not yet secure. What the bank is looking for is the “https:” prior to that webpage name.

    This needs to be done ASAP."

    Please advise.
    thank you!

  • Christopher Hanlon Sydney

    Its GREAT Thank you

  • tower59

    How do I allow discounts on this form? I would like to add a box where the buyer can self select for a discount. I tried going with multiple products, and a negative product value (for the discount), but it is disallowed. The use case is this:

    product 1: $5
    product 2: $10
    self select discount for product 2: -$2
    product 3: $15
    self select discount for product 3: -$2

    A buyer will only select 1 product (1, 2 or 3)


  • anjayogini

    is there a way to limit how many people can submit and pay per form.

    As an example if you have limited space on a workshop?


  • gwgrubb

    Is there any charge other from Jotform when using Paypal gateway?

  • margaretking

    I am looking for an order form template I saw earlier which shows payment types for cash, check, or paypal, where each option is hidden until checked. I know there is an existing template, but I'm unable to find it. Can you point me to the right form? I'm trying to create my own, but it's been a real pain.


  • srferraro

    Is there a way to add additional preset amounts, (along with the custom fill-in amount), to the donation form option? Or should I just use the multiple products field?

  • digignite

    I have five products, each with a check box and an order total underneath. Simple enough so far.

    What I'm trying to do is divide the five products into two groups, putting a small "Entry Fees" headline above the first three products, and an "Upgrades" headline above the last two optional products to make things a little more clear for the purchaser....but don't see a way to do this. Possible?


  • digignite

    Oh! Should have mentioned in my question, my client is using paypal standard, not pro, so seems I'm much more limited in ability to style the form. Thanks

  • akt1

    I used the order widget to allow the customer to select the custom item and price feature but I am forced to select $0.00 in the main item price, now "free" shows up on my form by every item even after making a custom selection how can I remove it?

  • neilmsheldon

    I'm using this to set up the hot lunch menu orders for students at school. I've got each day in the month set up as a product, and the different options available underneath this as subproducts.

    It seems like, no matter how I configure my item, when I look at the results report, all I get is one field with a bunch of orders in it for each submission.

    This is not easy to pull into my spreadsheet for calculating order totals per meal. Is there any way to split this up into separate fields in the report, by product, if not subproduct?

  • Kers101

    My customer has one product and 3 choices. I will add the check boxes to my form

  • strokersdallas

    Is there a way to have columns of products? I have 7 item but would like to have them listed in two columns so the list does not take up as much page space.

  • Ramesh

    I want create Order form in my site,

    my product is E book download(First type order form)

    How create this order form in my site? help me, jenious

  • denisehalbach

    I'm tech-challenged. Is there a "Setting up Payments for Dummies" document that gives simple directions that I can follow to accept payments? The more FAQ and Help info that I read, the more confused I get.
    I am trying to use Jotform to replace Adobe Forms Central, but every one I try is SO COMPLICATED!!

  • grade4pagasa

    How do I setup a donation form with pre-defined radio button choices (gold, silver, bronze).

    When I select Donation, it only gives me the numeric field for any amount (or set a minimum). But what if there are 3 donation options that the users can select?

  • gx65

    Hi team
    I would like a form to like this below product with quantity:
    Product 1, quantity 4
    Product 2, quantity 40
    product 3, quantity 200

    I need customer to choose products and tell me the quantity they are ordering. Then I can reply them the invoice payment.

    Please advise how I can achieve this.


  • karenstrange

    Can we change just one form of payment which is US to CAD and leave the rest to US dollars?

  • naizem

    How to limit the product quantity.
    For example, customers can only select quantity maximum of 5.

  • Tom

    I want IDEAL as payment methode.

  • ctphoto

    Is there a way to set up credit card charge but with no $ amount entered? I want their credit card info and after I figure out total (it could be a few days later) I could fill in the amount and process it.

  • Susan Shumsky

    Is your system compatible with FirstData Linkpoint Gateway?

  • opusteya

    its greats.. i like it jotform.. jasa website

  • Stephen

    Does JotForm payment solutions work with AppSheet? TY!

  • Patricia Growe

    Is having multiple forms of payment on one form possible, such as the option for a registrant to pay using PayPal or select they are payi g by check? Not interested in or referring to electronic check payment, but the registrant being alloed to select that he/she will pay by check or money order and not being prompted to pay by PayPal.

  • Tyler

    Do you have a database to track orders and where and when it's delivered

  • stephenDougherty

    If I am charging for uploaded images is there a way to get a count of the images uploaded in a multiple image upload in order to charge the appropriate amount.

  • Lyza

    How to change the name of the products in the sample JotForm Products - Multiple Products w/ Multiple Choices

  • dejilas

    how can i configure my form to accept naira mastercard

  • PWX

    Send me how to do it an if their is a price.

  • Brian

    I sell service and not products. I need to set up a payment form that asks for an invoice # and lets the client fill in the dollar amount. Is there a mechanism to allow the client to fill in the amount they are sending?

  • jebatsobri

    Tried the payment option, very good. But I need local bank or debit payment. All international payment gateways only.

  • Muhammad mujittapha


  • bookerae

    I have had a form live for a while, I need to now remove an option or mark as out of stock, but I can't find an option, any help?

  • Davidkelly

    Ill just join this site don't know yet if is good.

  • Nazan

    20 yaşında mağaza görselcisiyim

  • Caytie Langford

    I would like to use the recurring classes form. Do I use payment authorization so that the card can be processed multiple times at different dates?

  • fabianmesut

    please,i have no idea of how this works,i don't even know how to create forms,please can someone briefly explain to me so i'll join you guys ?

  • greymatterco

    Is there any such thing as a Input Table inside of the payment options? I have one product that has multiple colour options for purchase. I would like to tally the cost for that one product across all the colours ordered. For example:

    Product #1
    - Red Qty 4 = $40
    - Blue Qty 1 = $10
    - Yellow Qty 2 = $20
    Product #1 Total = $70

    Is there a way to do this? I would like to achieve this in an input table if at all possible but still want to be able to show the consumer their total of their order. Or would it be possible to give the customer an order total outside of the payment settings and just in the input table? This would act as an initial quote instead of actually processing their payment.

    Thank you in advance for the help. A.

  • q12988c

    Do you support Alipay?


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