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Order Form Types

Order Form Types

Why Use Order Forms?

Forms gather important data for your business. An Order Form lets you grow a customer base, see your purchase funnel, conversion rates, and much more. For example, if you have info about customers with unsuccessful payments, you'll be able to email back on why they've given up on purchasing your product resulting in invaluable feedback.

Which Order Form Type Should I Use?

It depends on your business and goals. If you know what each order type does, you'll easily be able to do the rest. There are 6 types of order forms you can create with JotForm which will most definitely cover any of your needs. Here's a short list to get a better idea on order form types. Don't forget to check out the details of each down below.

🔘 One product with single choice

🔘 One product with multiple choices

🔘 Multiple products with multiple choices

🔘 Single choice recurring subscription

🔘 Multiple choice recurring subscriptions

🔘 Donations with a single entry field

1. One Product with Single Choice | TOP ↑

If you have an e-book, a downloadable program, or a unique item and want to sell it online, using this payment type is perfect for you. On your form, the user is not asked to choose an item directly from your form. Instead, they'll be able to purchase your product after they fill out your form.

Check out this form template and even clone it to your own account to get a quick start on setting up your one product with single choice order form.

**A workaround to display your product on this particular order type**

If you'd like the user to choose the product on your form, a workaround would be to add a new $0 product to your form. This way, your users can choose if they would like the product or not without having to complete your form.

2. One Product with Multiple Choices | TOP ↑

This is relatively the same as #1 above but gives more flexibility to the customer. Additionally, your customers will see their product choices on your form and select one product on the spot.

Check out this form template and even clone it to your own account to get a quick start on setting up your one product with multiple choices order form.

3. Multiple Products with Multiple Choices | TOP ↑

You've got lots of products in your hand. Maybe you own a beauty shop, bakery, or winery. Showcase any of your products with this payment type for bulk purchases.

Check out this form template and even clone it to your own account to get a quick start on setting up your multiple product with multiple choices, e-commerce, like order form.

4. Single Choice Recurring Subscription | TOP ↑

Do you offer a service and want recurring payments for it? Think about professional online courses. You'll pay for a period until the course ends and you're done. Using this type of order form is usually preferred by professional services.

Check out this form template and even clone it to your own account to get a quick start on setting up your single choice recurring subscription type order form.

5. Multiple Choice Recurring Subscriptions | TOP ↑

Got multiple choices for your subscription options? We've prepared a pricing plan similar to ours with just a payment form and it looks really good including 30-day free trial option. This order type is perfect for SaaS (Software as a Service) businesses.

Check out this form template and even clone it to your own account to get a quick start on setting up your multiple choice recurring subscription type order form.

6. Donations with a Single Entry Field | TOP ↑

Asking donations is a simple way to collect payments for your cause. Set up a minimum fee, put a fixed price, or leave it upon your visitor's discretion.

Check out this form template and even clone it to your own account to get a quick start on setting up your donation form.

Now that you know more about order form types, it's time to create your first order form. Got questions? Please let us know below!

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    Gary Altman

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    но если у вас есть желание мне помочь как доказательство того что это работает - пожалуйста создайте для меня ту форму которая сможет помочь моему творчеству и собрать средства для покупки материалов для творчества и отправьте ссылку - если вам не сложно пойти мне на уступок то я отправлю вам данные Pai Pall счета по вашему требованию как согласисие смоими условиями

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    I use an online quickbooks subscription and will probably use Intuit as my credit card processor. I used JotForm as a registration for our annual meeting last year and really liked it! Is is possible to use Intuit as a payment option when I set up this year's registration?

  • Vicki Parker


    does it do different currencies?

  • Karthikeyan24


  • Stuart French

    Can you explain how the pricing works please. I am currently on the free plan but if I upgraded to the bronze plan does it mean I can accept 10 payments a month? What happens if someone tries to pay and I have exceeded my allowance?
    Thank you.

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    The image thumbnail size is much too small. Is there any way to increase the image size? Another better option would be to put a larger image above the line item. That way the customer could actually see what they are buying. Also, there is no way to add a description of the item. There should be a way to add an additional line below the actual item. How can that be done?

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    I run a small at home cookie business, and I would like to use my form to collect deposits. Is there any way to set it up to where it can calculate 50% of whatever they want to spend? I operate under the Texas Food Cottage Law, so I have to receive the remaining balance by hand from my clients. Deposits online are ok.

  • baltimoreclayworks

    I embedded my form with payments to my Square account onto my website, and I get a message that I must have an https:// system. The message then says to check with "form administrator." Is that Jotform. Or is it Square? Or is it my website host? Thank you.

    If I can resolve this, I will be developing numerous Jotforms and implementing them far and wide!


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    can our present form be revised to accept payments without changing our present link to jotform?
    Is therea fee to jotform for this and if so how much.

    i would like a fill in amount for table fees for our non=profit fund raiser bazaar. We love our jotform and most pay via Paypal having this addes to our form would be great.

  • Hoppi

    Hi, in the Mastering payment form integration you offer Calculated amount based on user selections and inputs. No matter which gateway I choose, none offers this or does not work in Czech republic. I would need it for my service selling website in Czech republic. Which gateway provider should I choose to work in Czech republic and to give me this option? PayPal does not work this way, nor the others. I believe this should not be any hard issue, but literally I am lost in it for about 5 days now and can not find any appropriate answer. Thank you very much for your help.

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    Is there any such thing as a Input Table inside of the payment options? I have one product that has multiple colour options for purchase. I would like to tally the cost for that one product across all the colours ordered. For example:

    Product #1
    - Red Qty 4 = $40
    - Blue Qty 1 = $10
    - Yellow Qty 2 = $20
    Product #1 Total = $70

    Is there a way to do this? I would like to achieve this in an input table if at all possible but still want to be able to show the consumer their total of their order. Or would it be possible to give the customer an order total outside of the payment settings and just in the input table? This would act as an initial quote instead of actually processing their payment.

    Thank you in advance for the help. A.

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