How to integrate Paymentwall with your form?

June 16, 2021

Paymentwallwidget integration is available on Jotform now. Paymentwall widget integration provides effective local solutions for your e-commerce. It is a secure tool that provides getting paid online. It allows 5 billion people to make payments using not only credit cards but also 150 local payment options all over the world. You can find many payment systems in Paymentwall like Credit Cards, e-Wallets, Bank Transfer, Cash and Prepaid. You can accept payments from many different payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Alipay, AmazonPay, Bitcoin, UnionPay, PagSeguro, Mobiamo and more.

Please click here to find all available local payment methods of Paymentwall.

The services for digital commerce that Paymentwall provides are global payment coverage, fraud and risk management, 24/7 international customer and merchant support, advanced delivery confirmation and risk management APIs, sales and pricing optimisation, UI/UX customization and more!

What can you do with Jotform’s Paymentwall Integration?

  1. Sell online products

  2. Sell merchandize

  3. Collect donations online

  4. Let users make a custom payment

Before Start

Before starting to user guide, you need to follow some security steps on the Paymentwall dashboard. When user pays or completes an offer, Paymentwall sends a pingback which will notify the form owner regarding the transactions. Pingback request is sent from Paymentwall servers to form owner’s email, so in your Paymentwall project settings, please input your Pingback Email.

How to integrate your forms with Paymentwall?

1- Log into your Jotform account and open Form Builder.

2- Click “Build”.

3- Click “Add Form Element”.

4- Click “Payments” tab.

5- SelectPaymentwall in the Payments list.You can drag&drop it into the form, too.

Integration wizard will be opened automatically as you see in the video below.

6- On the integration wizard, fill the textboxes with your Paymentwall Widget Keys. You can find Widget Keys in the Paymentwall Dashboard -> My Projects.

You can select different payment types according to your needs in the “Payment Type” drop-down menu. You can select Sell Products, User Defined Amount or Collect Donations.

After you finish your payment form, flow of the payment gateway will be like this:

As you can see in the video above, you can select one of the different payment methods from the coming list. Paymentwall widget integration provides local opportunities.

Testing the payment gateway

If you would like to test Paymentwall, you just need to allow testing from the Paymentwall dashboard. Please follow the steps in the PaymentwallTest Payment Method documentation .

When you allow the testing from the Paymentwall dahsboard, Test credit card option will be in the list.

You can use below credit cards for testing:

Test Credit Cards:

  • 4242424242424242
  • 4000000000000002

Test CVV/CSC values:




Error: Please ensure the CVV/CVC number is correct before retrying the transaction.


Error: Please contact your credit card company to check your available balance


Error: Please contact your credit card company to approve your payment


Payment is under risk review. Payment is accepted after 2 minutes and respective pingback is sent (type=201).


Payment is under risk review. Payment is declined after 2 minutes and respective pingback is sent (type=202).



7- In the next step, you will see the Payment Settings. You can create Products, Coupons, Shipping and Tax amount/rate according to your needs.

  • Do you have any questions or suggestions about Jotform’s Paymentwall integration? Please post them on the comments below.

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