22 Powerful Photos That Tell a Story

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” That is the motto of a photojournalist. It is their objective to produce direct, truthful and bold images that tell the stories for those who have no voice.

According to Mark M. Hancock, a professional photojournalist, “is a visual reporter of facts. The public places trust in its reporters, to tell the truth. The same trust is extended to photojournalists as visual reporters. This responsibility is paramount to a photojournalist. At all times, we have many thousands of people seeing through our eyes and expecting to see the truth. Most people immediately understand an image.”

Photojournalists are doing really a great job over the world for humanity, they are working for peace, for human rights, for raising humanity problems and issues, for pointing out the people living below the bottom line of poverty, for raising awareness about educational and child labor issues and much more… Our today’s post is about Inspirational Documentary and Photojournalism Photos. In this post, we showcase 22 powerful, touching and emotional photos that do not just display state of affairs but also tell a story.

We express sincere appreciation of the hard work of all photojournalists who are working for humanity, sometimes risking their lives for the sake of their duties and responsibilities. This article is a tribute to all of them and their accomplishments and works.

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Photojournalism & Documentary Photos

Crying girl

22 Powerful Photos That Tell a Story Image-1
Photo credit: Artem Nedzelskiy

Smoking woman

22 Powerful Photos That Tell a Story Image-2
Photo credit: El Swaggy

Iguazu Falls in Brazil

iguazu falls
Photo credit: Jaime Dantas

Volcano Eruption and Lava

volcano eruption
Photo credit: Pierre-Yves Burgi

African Boy

African Boy from Uganda
Photo credit: Esteban Castle

Sewing Machine

Sewing machine
Photo credit: Juan Gomez


Riot and burning car
Photo credit: Flavio Gasperini


Somersault on lake
Photo credit: Benjamin Wedemeyer

Lost in the wilderness

Lost in the wilderness
Photo credit: Stijn Swinnen

Coal miner

22 Powerful Photos That Tell a Story Image-3
Photo credit: Amir Arabshahi

Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina damage
Photo credit: Library of Congress


Photo credit: Jess Lindner

Old Man in Tunisia

Old man from Tunisia
Photo credit: Taha Loukil


Tuk Tuk in Sri Lanka
Photo credit: Jura


Girl on the railway
Photo credit: serge-75

We Buy Gold

We Buy Gold
Photo credit: Andrew Ling

Child Labor

Working class children
Photo credit: Zeyn Afuang

Construction Worker

Construction worker
Photo credit: Josue Isai Ramos Figueroa

Aftermath of Earthquake

Earthquake road damage
Photo credit: Dave Goudreau

Mask Parade

Mask parade Venice
Photo credit: Edoardo Maresca

Huge Wave

Huge wave
Photo credit: Silas Baisch

In touch

Hand of a man
Photo credit: Mohamed Lammah

(The article was originally composed by Aquil Akhter, but has been updated since.)

(Featured Image: Depositphotos)

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