Jotform Solutions Partner Program
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Welcome to the Jotform Solutions Partner Program! If you’re looking for more information about Jotform and our Solutions Partner Program, you’ve come to the right place.

Jotform is a full-featured online forms platform that provides an easy-to-use data collection solution to clients. Founded in 2006, we operate globally in 195 countries with 18 languages available and serving over 10 million users.

Through our partner program, we enable Solutions Partners to accelerate growth and build recurring revenue while providing a comprehensive solution to their clients. We work with small to large agencies and consultants to build long-term partnerships. Whether your clients are looking to embed a form for lead generation, collect patient information with our HIPAA-compliant feature, or sell products online, Jotform can provide a simple yet powerful solution.

As a Jotform Solutions Partner, you gain access to marketing and sales resources, specialized training and support, commissions, and more.

Please note that Jotform Enterprise is not included nor an eligible product for the Solutions Partner Program.

Why Partner with Jotform?

Innovative Product

For the past 10+ years, we have been continuously enhancing our product offering and adding new features and functionality based on customer feedback. We strive to continue to provide the best product experience for our customers with the easiest form building solution.

Make your Clients More Successful

Provide a versatile product to help solve your client’s needs and provide a complete solution. Build powerful custom online forms to be embedded into their website to drive new leads, collect customer information, online orders, patient information with our HIPPA-Compliant forms feature, and much more. We also provide 10,000+ free templates for an even quicker way to create your desired form.

Connect Jotform with 100+ Other Tools

We have direct integrations with 100+ tools that can be connected directly to Jotform to provide a seamless user experience. Combine Jotform with a project management software like, Airtable, and Trello, marketing tools like Mailchimp, HubSpot, and Constant Contact, or connect payment gateways like PayPal, Square, and Stripe. Check out all the options on our integrations page.

Customer Support

We provide 24/7 support and a community support forum to help walk clients through any questions they might have. For any technical questions, you can reach out to our support team at  

Program Benefits

Solutions Partner Directory Listing

Gain exposure with our 10 million+ users through Jotform’s Solutions Partner Directory. Each partner will have their own listing in our Agency Directory to highlight any specialties and allow clients looking to work with an agency to reach out directly. If needed, we will also help any clients pick the right agency to work with and provide leads directly to you!

Dedicated Partnership Manager

Solutions Partners will have access to a dedicated resource to help answer any questions and provide support throughout the entire process. We will meet with you to develop opportunities and exceed client goals.

Marketing Assets

Access Jotform’s library of collaterals to accelerate sales and show the full capabilities Jotform can provide for your clients. Find a variety of case studies, video tutorials, and product updates on our blog and YouTube channel. Contact your partnership manager for more information.

View our Brand Assets Page for our logo, icons, banners, images, and our friendly mascot, Podo.

Training Provided

Jotform works with partners to achieve success through training and support. We offer recorded training videos, webinars, and a variety of online materials.

Recurring Revenue

Our program is completely free for agencies to join and there are no hidden partnership or membership fees. Solutions Partners receive a 30% commission for two years on every subscription for new Jotform clients.

How do I become a Solutions Partner with Jotform?

Apply now to become a part of our Solutions Partner Program! Partner up with Jotform to provide a better solution for your clients and earn a commission while doing it.

We are looking to work with partners who want to further grow their business with Jotform. We hope you are a fan of Jotform and already a user, but you don’t have to be! Our product is super simple to set-up and to start using, and can be useful for any client looking to collect data in some way.

Get started as a Solutions Partners in three simple steps.

Step one: Apply to be a Solutions Partner

Fill out our Solutions Partner Form and agree to the terms and conditions. Make sure you include the correct email for your PayPal account as that is how we will pay commissions.

Step two: Sign-up clients

Once you are approved as a Solutions Partner, you will be emailed a link to share with your clients for signing up for a Jotform account or to directly sign your clients up with a Jotform account. Please make sure you are using this link provided as that is how we will track the clients back to your company.

Step three: Grow and start collecting commissions

From online order forms to lead generation forms,  Jotform can be used for any client looking to collect information online. Collect a commission and provide a complete solution to clients.

About Jotform & Brand Assets

Jotform is a full-featured online forms software that makes it easy to create robust forms and collect important data. Trusted by over 9 million users worldwide, Jotform is a gateway to gathering better information that powers your business.

  • 10 million+ Users
  • 15,000,000+ Forms Hosted
  • 10,000+ Form Templates
  • 18 Languages Available
  • 536,180,436 Forms Submitted

Jotform Features

Jotform Marketplace

Jotform Brand Assets

Promoting Jotform

Jotform Branding

Use the language and assets we’ve provided for your use. Reference our style guide and basic guidelines around trademarks and copyright here. You can also download any brand assets from the same link.

Misrepresenting Jotform‘s Features

You are not allowed to misrepresent Jotform’s features or promise anything that Jotform is not equipped to perform. Violating any of these terms will result in a ban. Jotform makes the final decision regarding the agency program awards and reserves the right to change or end the agency program at any time.

Terms and Conditions 


Solutions Partners receive a 30% commission based on the purchase and tier of the product purchased. If the customer selects an annual plan, the 30% commission will be paid out on a prorated basis over the course of 12 months and continuing as the customer renews for up to two years total. For more information on our pricing, visit our pricing page.

For example, if your client purchases a monthly Silver plan at $39 a month, your commission would be $11.70 per month for every month their subscription is renewed.

In another example, if they purchase the annual Silver plan, you will receive $8.70 in commission as long as they renew for two years. If the customer cancels before the two years, the client’s account will be refunded on a pro-rated basis and therefore, your commission payout will stop at the point when they cancel the plan. If we are running a discount campaign on the annual plans, your commission will be reflective of this discount.

For illustration purposes

Tier purchased Monthly Account ChargesMonthly Commission
Monthly Silver Plan$39.00$11.70
Annual Silver Plan$29.00$8.70
Annual Silver Plan – 50% discounted$14.50$4.35


Jotform reserves the right to make changes as needed to this program. The customer must have been clearly brought on by your company as a new user and signed up through your designated link. The commission earned can change if a customer decides to upgrade to a higher tier or downgrade to a lower-tiered account. Any chargebacks, returns, or defaults by customers can affect the commission earned. Should this agreement be terminated for any reason, Jotform shall pay the agent only for the sales of the products made prior to the termination date.

Please note that Jotform Enterprise is not included nor an eligible product for the Solutions Partner Program. 

Commissions are paid via PayPal on the first business day of the month. This will be for qualified commissions earned for accounts valid for at least 30 days. Please be sure to include your PayPal email address in the application for commission payments.


The Solutions Partner agrees to indemnify, defend, and protect the Jotform from and against all lawsuits and costs of every kind pertaining to any violation of the law, this Agreement, or the rights of any third party by the Solutions Partner while acting pursuant to this Agreement. Such costs include but are not limited to reasonable legal fees.

Mutual Confidentiality

Confidential or Proprietary Information means any information provided by a

party hereunder and identified or reasonably identifiable as confidential and proprietary, provided that Proprietary Information will not include information which: (a) is or becomes publicly available through no act or failure of the receiving party, (b) was or is rightfully acquired prior to receipt from the disclosing party, or (c) becomes independently available to the receiving party without breach of this Agreement as evidenced by relevant business records.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in this program?

We offer commissions, marketing, and services support for our Solutions Partners. This includes partner marketing resources, support, and more.

Is there a cost to join the program?

No, this is a completely free program to join.

Who’s eligible?

Any agency who would like to be part of our Solution Partner Program. We partner with agencies and consultants of all sizes, from start-ups to enterprise organizations. Request to be a part of our Solution Partner Program today. 

Will I get a commission for any customers I bring to Jotform?

Solution Partners receive a 30% commission based on the purchase and tier of the product purchased. If the customer selects an annual plan. The 30% commission will be paid out on a prorated basis over the course of 12 months and continuing as the customer renews for up to two years total.

How will I receive commission payments? 

Once the customer’s payment for a particular month has been processed, you will receive your commission. Commissions are paid via PayPal on the first business day in the last week of each month. This will be for qualified commission earned in the prior month.

What’s expected of me as a Solution Partner?

We are looking for agencies that want to grow their business with Jotform. If you are committed to growing with us, we are excited to work with you!

Does this program apply to Jotform Enterprise?

No, the Solutions Partner Program is completely separate from the Jotform Enterprise product.

How do I sign-up clients for Jotform?

Clients must be signed-up for Jotform through using your link as provided in order to tie the account to your company and receive a commission. If a client is not signed-up through your link, then you will not receive a commission on that account. We will not reach out directly to the clients signed-up through your link with us. 

How do I find out more information?

You can reach out directly to for more information.

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Access powerful form features with Jotform's free plan. Sign Up for Free!
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