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Product Inventory Template

Record and monitor the amount of products your company has available. Keep inventory info in an easy-to-read spreadsheet you can view and edit on any device.

Inventory Templates

Equipment Inventory Template

Improve your equipment inventory management. Organize inventory data in a free, easily-accessible spreadsheet. Edit and view on any device. No coding required.

Inventory Templates

Order Tracker

Track orders for your business online. Free order tracking table template. Switch between table, calendar, or card view. Easy to customize. No coding.

Inventory Templates

Book Inventory Template

Record the amount of books currently available at your bookstore or library. Display information in an easily accessible spreadsheet. No coding required.

Inventory Templates

Restaurant Inventory Template

Keep better track of your restaurant’s ingredients and equipment. Take inventory in a beautifully-plated spreadsheet you can edit and view on any device.

Inventory Templates

Liquor Inventory Spreadsheet

Keep track of your stock with a free online Liquor Inventory Spreadsheet. Organize by alcohol type, age, price, proof, and more. Great for bars or restaurants!

Inventory Templates

Art Inventory Template

Catalog your artwork with this easy-to-use spreadsheet. Customize without coding. Access on any device. Perfect for gallery owners, curators, and artists.

Inventory Templates

Asset Inventory Template

Improve your asset inventory management system with an online Asset Inventory Template. View all items in a professional spreadsheet. Customize in seconds.

Inventory Templates

Beauty Supply Store Inventory List

Manage inventory and orders for your beauty supply store. Free online table template. Easy to customize, download, and share. Works on any device. No coding.


Home Inventory Template

Keep track of items at home with our free Home Inventory Spreadsheet. Add descriptions and photos of furniture, appliances, electronics, and more!

Inventory Templates

Office Inventory Template

Keep track of office supplies with this free Office Inventory Template. Manage items, serial numbers, and dates of purchase in a professional spreadsheet.

Inventory Templates

Bar Inventory Template

Track equipment, furniture, food, and beverages in your bar with an online Bar Inventory Template. Organize info in a clear spreadsheet. Free to use and customize!

Inventory Templates

Furnished Rental Inventory Checklist

Keep track of items in your rental properties with a free Furnished Rental Inventory Checklist. Great for real estate agencies and landlords. Easy to customize.

Real Estate

Food Waste Log Sheet

Food Waste Log Sheet is a sheet used by restaurants, catering companies, schools, cafeterias and all other businesses to control food waste. Feel free to fully customize this template. No coding.


Supermarket Price Tracker Template

Track supermarket product prices across multiple stores with this free spreadsheet table. Easy to customize and share. Download on any device. No coding.

Checklist Templates

Personal Property Sheet

A Personal Property Sheet is used to collect the information of the owner's belongings in the house and to list the details about these items. You can customize this sheet without coding features!

Inventory Templates

Pantry Inventory Template

Track and manage the food you have in your kitchen. Avoid overshopping and see what you’re out of at a glance. Works on any device. Customizable without coding.

Inventory Templates

About Inventory Templates

An inventory template is used to record and monitor items, either at work or at home. So whether you’re keeping track of supplies at the office or items in your home, get organized with our free online inventory templates. No more writing out inventory lists or stock takes by hand — simply enter inventory info into your chosen inventory record form or online spreadsheet and view the information in an easy-to-read format. All data is stored securely in your Jotform account, making it accessible no matter where you are.

Don’t see an inventory template that matches your needs? No worries! Just customize one of the spreadsheets below by adding new tabs, columns, or color-coded labels, and you’ll soon have the design you’re looking for — with no coding required. By taking your inventory spreadsheets online with one of our readymade inventory templates, you can eliminate messy paperwork, better manage your inventory, and easily view all of your items’ information in a professional spreadsheet format.