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    Asked on April 06, 2017 at 11:16 AM

    I think there was a misunderstanding regarding my last question. My site is www.powerhouseclassic.com. It is a college recruiting site that is membership driven. Like your site, I have a login and a password. There is a membership fee that I know I can connect via your integration link, however, the response I received stated my request is not possible with your system because it is against your "terms of us" and it indicated a phising example of what the indication seemed to be....Not so. I am merely trying to create a registration form that involves the member, like your site, to be able to login to register their information. I understand once the submit button sends them to the payment page, this is an entirely different thing....so help me to understand if I'm missing something because I was under the impression that your system is exactly what I need. In fact, a previous inquiry was very favorable to what I wanted to do...not sure what has changed...

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    Answered on April 06, 2017 at 01:06 PM

    Thank you for contacting us!

    We appreciate you exposing your concern.

    Login credentials requested on plain text fields are not encrypted. Than is why any credential requested through our forms in this way is banned.


    Gathering this type of data in plain text fields will violate our Terms of use, as this is only allowed through encryption along database administration; and our forms do not provide this type of method.

    We understand your intention is to use it with your own information. Regardless, if we cannot protect it, we don't offer such service.

    You may, though, assign a single keyword to access to your own information. This is called a static password, the thread below will show you the How to's :




    We appreciate your business, remember there is always a way to help you out. Feel free to ask any other arising question. Hope the above solutions suits your needs.



    Thank you.