Customer Feedback Forms not being received by RV Team

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    Asked on April 18, 2017 at 01:43 PM

    Our RV Team isn't receiving the customer feedback form from our Jotform account. They use this FREQUENTLY so it is imperative we get it fixed ASAP. I tried removing and re-adding all of the email addresses to the "RV" Group on Friday, and it's still not working (doing that previously on a similar issue did the trick.) Please help! Thanks- Samantha Haupert

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    Answered on April 18, 2017 at 03:27 PM

    I have inspected your form and RV PEOPLE email Notification is conditional. I have checked your condition and I noticed that you are separating email addresses with a semicolon and a space. Email addresses should be separated with a comma and a space. Also you have 14 email addresses set as recipients of your email Notification and a limit is 10 email addresses per Notification. I would suggest you to split recipient email addresses in two conditions. 

    I have also checked and one of the email addresses is in the bounce list. is IN the bounce list 

    Reason(s) : smtp; 554 5.1.0 Sender denied

    I have removed that email address from the bounce list. 

    How to Remove Your Email Address from Bounce List

    Hope this will help. Let us know if you need further assistance.