Remove already selected options from Multiple Choice Select Box

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    Asked on October 12, 2017 at 10:07 AM

    I am trying to set up a form that lets different people on a leadership team (e.g. Bob, Sue, Tom) sign up to take responsibility for particular tasks (e.g. Set up tables, Bring chips, Bring drinks, Bring paper plates, ...)

    Once Bob signs up to "bring chips" and to "bring drinks", then I would like those two options to no longer appear on the Multiple Choice Select List, so that when Sue and Tom go to sign up for a responsibility, the options that Bob has already claimed are no longer showing up as available.

    Or to put my question a different way, each item in the Multiple Choice Select Box should only be able to be selected one time across all form submissions. Is this possible? Thank you for any suggestions!

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    Answered on October 12, 2017 at 12:43 PM

    You can try using the Gift Registry widget. 

    Here's my demo form that you can check and test:

    In the demo form, I added the Gift Registry widget.


    After that, I set the item and the number of items that are available.


    To add a widget to your form, please follow this guide:

    To clone the demo form, please follow this guide:

    I hope that helps. If you have any questions, please contact us again.

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    Answered on October 12, 2017 at 01:57 PM

    That is PERFECT, John. Thank you SO MUCH! I never would have thought to try the Gift Registry widget. Thank you!!!