Source Code: Downloaded folders already exists on target site

  • Renardsuila
    Answered on June 06, 2018 06:05 PM

    please i would like to know. in the downloaded zip there are devided into folders and its obvious that the site i am trying to add to already has same folder names. i also wish to ask about the other main thing.

    Is there any way to add the product the customer wants automatically from the momment they click on buy under the product itself rather than filling in themselfs? if we can talk about that to details on emial too i will be glad.thanks for your service.

    This is a re-post of a comment on How to get the Full Source Code of your Form

  • Vanessa_T
    Answered on June 06, 2018 07:32 PM

    For as long as the filename itself does not reside on your target site, you can manually extract the files then merge it to your target site in it's appropriate folders.

    May I suggest though, if you do not need to modify the codes of the form, you may use the iFrame Embed method. This way, you will not worry of any file conflicts.

    As for your other question, I have moved it to separate thread to give it appropriate attention and will answer you there shortly.