How can I enlarge the star graphics on the Star Rating element?

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    Asked on August 08, 2018 at 10:58 PM

    On the Star Rating element, the individual stars only measure 16px by 16px, which is actually even a bit small for a desktop display. On mobile, trying to click a specific star with one's finger is very difficult. The stars themselves seem to be a .png file pulled from the Jotform server when the form is generated by the javascript, so I can't even style it through CSS with something like zoom: 1.4 , or similar.

    Why doesn't Jotforms switch to a star icon from something like Font Awesome? Then it could actually be sized like any other text.

    Any ideas?

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    Answered on August 09, 2018 at 02:38 AM

    You can add the following CSS code to enlarge the star graphics:

    .form-star-rating {

        transform : scale(2.5,2.5) !important;

        margin-left: 80px !important;


    How to Inject Custom CSS Codes


    Here is my demo form -

    Fell free to test it and clone it