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  • Is there any additional fee to collect payments via integration?

    No, we do not apply any additional transaction fee. However, every Jotform plan has a limit for the number of payments to receive every month. For more information about Jotform’s pricing plans, please click on the link.

  • How much gets?

    Transaction fee for payments collected through Jotform form depend on your plan, rate can be as low as 10¢. Here is transaction fee.

  • Do you provide test card ID to test?

    Yes, there is an option to test integration before going live. We provide a sandbox mode feature to run test cards and here is our tutorial for ‘how to test payment tool’.

  • Why am I facing PCI :: Error during transaction kind of an error?

    The most common reason for getting this type of errors is using incorrect credentials for integration. Please make sure to copy/retype your API Login ID and Transaction Key. Here is how to get the correct credentials for

  • Can I process a refund for transaction using Jotform?

    No, you can not process refunds via Jotform. All transactions processed with your integrated forms should appear on your dashboard. You can easily review transactions and process refunds via dashboard.

  • I am using different payment processor on a form, how do I switch to

    Only 1 payment field can be added to a form. So, in order to use, you would need to delete existing payment option from your form. No worries, most of payment settings should be automatically copied to tool, so you would only need to update payment credentials.

  • Can I have both Paypal and in one form?

    Yes, you can build a multi-payment form. Please follow our guide for multiple payment forms.

  • How to set up on an order form via

    To set up an order form, you can add payment field and create products in it. Here is a guide for how to set up order form.

  • How to send invoice number to

    It is possible to send an invoice number to for your form transactions using either a hidden box or a unique ID field. To do so, please open Additional Gateway Settings of wizard and enable Ask Billing Information to Customer. Then, you will see an option to select invoice number field:

    How to send invoice number to

  • Can I collect credit card details to charge users later?

    No, collecting credit card details would not be possible, but using you can capture payment details to process a charge at a later date. Here is a detailed guide about payment authorization.

  • Is Recurring Payments available through Jotform &

    Yes, in order to collect recurring payments, you can switch a Payment Type to ‘Sell Subscriptions’ within integration wizard. Our general help guide on selling subscriptions would be of help to complete further configuration. See our guide on ‘How to setup a recurring payment’.