Jotform’s Beauty Salon Forms FAQ

Have a question about how to start using Jotform? Check out our frequently asked questions below.

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  • Why should I use online forms for my beauty business?

    When it comes to your beauty business, looks are important — and that includes looking professional. With professional online forms, you can efficiently collect client details, payments, e-signatures, and appointment bookings, so you can spend less time dealing with the business side of things and more time making your clients look and feel beautiful.

  • What online forms should salon owners use?

    Salon owners will benefit most from client intake forms, appointment scheduling forms, and consent forms. However, with Jotform, you have thousands of templates at your disposal! If you also need to collect payments, order supplies, or gather feedback, you’ll be sure to find a form that meets your each and every need, or you can easily create one. Explore our free, readymade salon form templates to get a head start.

  • How can I customize my form?

    Creating the perfect form is easy with Jotform! Using our drag-and-drop Form Builder, you can customize any of our 10,000+ readymade templates to meet your exact needs. Without doing any coding, you can add form fields and widgets, change the form layout and design, upload your logo, add an appointment calendar to book appointments, integrate with your favorite integrations, and so much more. Sign up for a free Jotform account to explore our many customization options.

  • How can I collect signatures on my form?

    Add an e-signature widget to your form to collect signatures for consent forms, waivers, and more. Jotform offers a variety of e-signatures options, including our signature form field, E-signature widget, Smooth Signature widget, Docusign, and Adobe Sign. And with Jotform PDF Editor, you can automatically convert submissions and e-signatures into professional PDF documents — easy to download, print, and share.

  • What apps can I integrate with?

    To streamline your workflow and sync submissions to your other accounts, Jotform offers powerful 100+ trusted integrations. Some of our most popular integrations include Google Drive, Google Calendar, HubSpot, Constant Contact, Airtable, and Slack. Collect payments with 30+ payment gateways, such as Square, PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net. You can also automatically send form submissions to your cloud storage accounts, CRM, email lists, spreadsheets, and more. Check out all 100+ integrations in Jotform’s integration directory.

  • How do I send my clients confirmation emails about their sessions?

    To send confirmation emails to form users, open the Email tab under the Settings panel in the Form Builder. Select the Autoresponder Email option and customize the template by changing the email subject line and body content. When someone fills out your form, they’ll instantly receive a confirmation email containing all the details they provided in their submission. Visit our user guide for more information on how to set up autoresponder emails.

  • How do I remind my clients about their sessions?

    You can set up appointment reminder emails by opening the Publish panel in our Form Builder and selecting the Email tab. There, you’ll be able to create and schedule your reminder emails — you can set email addresses, customize the text, and decide whether to send the reminder daily, weekly, or monthly. Visit our user guide to learn more about how to set reminder emails for your forms.

  • Are my forms secure?

    Security is a top priority at Jotform. We use a 256-bit SSL connection, so you can rest easy knowing that all of your form submissions are protected with the highest grade security. Jotform is also GDPR compliant, CCPA compliant, and PCI compliant, ensuring that all credit card information submitted through your form is protected according to industry standards. For additional security, Jotform offers anti-spam fields, form encryption, and optional HIPAA compliance. Learn more about our security practices on the Jotform security page.

  • Do my forms enable HIPAA compliance?

    Jotform offers forms that enable HIPAA compliance and provides a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA). You can collect and manage sensitive health information with secure patient intake forms, consent forms, appointment forms, and more. You can even securely collect bill payments and integrate with other HIPAA-friendly integrations! Learn more about Jotform’s features that make HIPAA compliance easier.

  • Can I move my current forms to Jotform?

    Jotform makes it easy to migrate your existing forms to your new Jotform account. When creating a new form, you’ll have the option to clone your existing form or import a PDF, CSV, or Excel file. Jotform even offers import tools for Google Forms, Formstack, Typeform, Wufoo, and Adobe FormsCentral, so you can continue collecting form data without interruption.

  • Can I create a report from my submissions?

    Turn form responses into auto-generated reports with Jotform Report Builder. In one click, you can convert feedback, survey responses, and customer data into professional reports and presentations that update in real time — making it easier than ever to analyze data and make informed decisions to improve your beauty business.

  • Can I automatically create an invoice?

    To instantly generate invoices for your payment forms, first enable invoices in your form’s payment settings and enter your business details. You can then preview and customize the invoice using Jotform PDF Editor. You’ll even be able to attach your invoice template to autoresponder emails that are sent to customers automatically! Visit our user guide for more info on how to generate an invoice for your payment form.

  • Can I save my PDF template in PDF Editor?

    Yes. Once you’ve created a document from scratch or customized a readymade PDF template using our PDF Editor, you’ll be able to save your PDF as a template to use again at a later time. For more information, visit our Jotform PDF Editor page.

  • How can I reach Jotform if I run into any issues with my forms or account?

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding your online forms or Jotform account, please contact our 24-7 customer support team.