A look at our Coronavirus Responder Program

A look at our Coronavirus Responder Program

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit last year, Jotform wanted to provide as much support as possible to our healthcare, government, and nonprofit users who were fighting on the front lines.

So our team created the Coronavirus Responder Program (or CRP, for short).

The CRP provides free, unlimited HIPAA-friendly plans to healthcare, government, and nonprofit users helping their communities battle COVID-19.

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Since the spring of 2020, we’ve accepted more than 7,000 users into our CRP. These users have created over 58,000 forms and received more than 10 million submissions.

We wanted to learn more about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected our users, so the user research (UXR) team gathered feedback about users’ unique situations.

How Jotform contributed during the COVID-19 pandemic

The UXR team noticed that our CRP users collected electronically signed agreements or consent forms for things like health procedures. Additionally, users gathered contact information from their customers, patients, students, and community members.

They also collected registrations and applications online as well as survey or feedback responses.

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How Jotform contributed during the COVID-19 pandemic

Safe workflow from a social distance

Online forms empower our users to digitize workflows, reduce contact with others, and work safely. And if users still need to work in person, Jotform offers the same data-collection solution on mobile devices so that they can gather information on the go. Our touchless kiosk feature even allows users to scan a QR code and fill out a form on their own devices.

I have successfully implemented Jotform into my practice since the pandemic started. I have saved time and paper as patients complete their patient intake and informed consent forms on their mobile devices. I like the fact that patients can sign these forms directly on their mobile devices. I no longer have to do any printing and have moved away from paper entirely. I am grateful to Jotform for granting me access to unlimited forms. I really appreciate the generosity offered to healthcare providers.

Melissa Terblanche, Family and Sports Chiropractor
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Secure data collection and storage with features that enable HIPAA compliance

HIPAA compliance is one of the key features Jotform provides. Our users trust that we keep patient data safe and secure. 

Jotform has allowed me to collect medical history and consent forms for care. I would not have been able to offer my services without Jotform as I need a secure, reliable, HIPAA-friendly means of collecting and storing this data.

Neil Kudler, Physician

Faster processes to save time

Handling paperwork digitally speeds up work processes. Many healthcare users mentioned that they were able to shorten check-ins and the time patients need to be in their office by accepting intake and consent forms online before appointments.

Community engagement

Some organizations stopped all in-person activities but continued to communicate online. Jotform’s feedback and survey forms were excellent tools to use for these conversations.

Being able to create multiple Jotform documents greatly contributed to our ability to engage our congregants, communicate with them, and plan for gradual reopening of in-person services.

John Spiridigliozzi, Administrative Projects Manager, Crossroads Community Church

Keeping businesses open

Most people had to digitize their workflows to remain open, and Jotform’s solutions were vital in this transition process.

We were able to stay open! Our paper-only process moved completely digital. People who were unable to receive care due to quarantine could access care because in-person was no longer a requirement. We took a major hit in the immediate aftermath, but we have been able to build up steam and care for clients right where they are.

Counseling Center Director

The pandemic in 2021

As we continue our user research in 2021, we’re seeing our products being used for COVID-19 vaccination processes, COVID screening, and contact tracing.

We’ve recently added COVID-19 vaccination-related forms to our gallery, and we continue to prepare multiple COVID-19 form templates, table templates, and PDF templates to save time and decrease workloads.

We’ve also extended the Coronavirus Responder Program to June 30, 2021, to ensure frontline workers have what they need to continue battling the pandemic.

Final thoughts

As JotFormers, we’re happy to hear that our products and solutions automate and streamline workflows, save time, and reduce paper usage. Thank you to everyone who has participated in the CRP. Our users’ own words inspired this article, and we’d like to give a special thank you to all who provided feedback to us.

Stay safe out there.

Gökçe is a user researcher who loves meeting with users and learning their unique use cases, needs and expectations to enlighten her friends in different teams. In addition to communicating with people , she is interested in psychology, mythology, arts & crafts and culinary experiments.
İrem is a User Researcher. She is passionate about understanding users' needs and expectations. Design, psychology, and travel with friends are among her loves.

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