5 great ActiveCampaign email marketing automation recipes

The need for businesses to engage with and effectively nurture isolated customers along all touchpoints has never been greater. In recent years, perhaps no company has responded to this need better than ActiveCampaign.

ActiveCampaign provides a robust email marketing and CRM solution that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs connect with their audiences. By automating the marketing processes involved with customer engagement, businesses are able to spend more time on what they do best.

Jotform users have been leveraging our ActiveCampaign integration for some time to seamlessly manage campaigns, update contact info, add tags and custom fields, and help formulate email templates.

Email segmentation has become especially important given the variety of different target audiences and the need to tailor your messaging based on behavior, preferences, and how audiences were sourced. As a result, getting started can be a little daunting. So we’ve created a handful of new ActiveCampaign email automation recipes to kick off your dynamic messaging efforts.

Pro Tip

Boost your lead generation and automate your workflow with Jotform’s ActiveCampaign integration.

New email automation recipes to get you started

Use our email recipes to save time and increase your productivity. You can use them as-is, or build more automations to customize based on your specific business needs.

  1. Segmented newsletter recipe. Let’s say you have a few different newsletters that go out on different schedules. Automation makes it easy to build your newsletter lists and make sure users are assigned to the right lists. When a user subscribes to your online newsletter through your Jotform, this automation recipe will use their form response to create and send personalized welcome emails.
    Application: Any industry
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  2. Donation and volunteer recipe. Do donors fill out forms to give their money, time, or services to your organization? Once a donor subscribes to your list and makes a donation of any kind, use this recipe to automatically send thank-you emails, reminders, volunteer applications, and more. You’ll manage your donor lists more effectively with automated emails and free up time to handle additional duties.
    Application: Nonprofit
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  3. Event registration recipe. Events in the COVID era have shifted to digital platforms, so it’s essential that your communications are on point and ensure a smooth registration process. Once a new user registers through your form, this automation recipe will send a registration confirmation email followed by a reminder email, a “Thank You for Attending” email, and an optional post-event feedback email.
    Application: Any industry
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  4. Education and e-course reminder recipe. School and training courses are similar to events: They’re now almost, if not fully, digital. A neat way to keep your students notified about their online courses is with automated e-course emails. Set up this customizable recipe to auto-send important emails to your students, such as introductory emails, reminders, assignments, office hours, and messages about other recommended classes. In ActiveCampaign you can track which students have taken which course to ensure they receive the proper communications.
    Application: Online training/education
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  5. Holiday discount. The holidays are the busiest time of year for e-commerce, and this year promises to be even bigger. Promote your holiday deals and discounts efficiently with automated emails. Simply select an email list and customize the provided email draft — contacts will instantly receive your holiday-related announcement email and, if they make a purchase, a thank-you email.
    Application: Any industry
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Find all of our email recipes on the Jotform page in the ActiveCampaign marketplace. Or if you’d like to learn how to integrate your form with ActiveCampaign, you can begin updating your CRM and email marketing lists today!

Home for the holidays

To kick off the season, ActiveCampaign is pairing delicious holiday recipes with the marketing automation recipes that match each stage of the customer life cycle. For instance, Jotform has offered a delicious dessert recipe (Turkish baklava, in case you were wondering) to go along with our recommended post-event feedback and follow-up automation.

Check out our recipes, and run your holiday campaigns more smoothly with email marketing automations!

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