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If you want a prospect to take the next step toward becoming a customer, it’s important to capture their email address as soon as they engage with you. Having a prospect’s email address is incredibly valuable, as it lets your organization nurture them by emailing helpful content and solutions to problems they may be experiencing.

However, getting a prospect’s email address is no easy task. Businesses need to ensure the email capture process is seamless and doesn’t present any hurdles. Check out these top email capture tools to make it easier to get your prospects’ email addresses so you can begin building a relationship with them right away.

1. Jotform

Jotform is a form building and email capture app that does so much more than just capture addresses. Using Jotform, businesses can streamline any process that requires a form, such as automating workflows, accepting payments, and even generating reports.

Jotform has hundreds of templates that an organization can easily integrate into their website or social media profiles, making it a breeze to capture emails from prospects and customers. Popular templates include contact forms, registration forms, and signup forms. Each template is fully customizable, so you can choose the form fields your business needs.

2. OptinMonster

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OptinMonster is a powerful lead generation software platform that enables businesses to convert website visitors into interested prospects. It offers a number of lead-generating options, such as pop-up forms, scroll boxes, gamified wheels, floating bars, and light-up boxes designed to capture the attention of website visitors at the right time.

“OptinMonster has advanced targeting features, the ability to animate pop-ups and slide-ins, and a variety of pre-loaded, customizable themes,” says Glen Carroll, marketing director at Clicks Marketing. “You can also build themes from scratch with Custom HTML and CSS as well as A/B test your different forms.”

3. Sumo

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Sumo is a free email capture tool that takes less than a minute to set up on a website. No coding is required, and businesses just need to enter their URL on the Sumo site to get started.

“Sumo offers multiple tools as part of its brand, and it has a couple of ways to help you with email growth by way of list building and header bar sign-up forms,” says Carroll.

With Sumo, organizations can add top-of-the-fold scrolling header bars that follow the user as they scroll, so they always have the option to enter in their email no matter where they are on the website. It also offers templates for welcome mats, share buttons, and other lead-generating tools that are easy to install without any coding knowledge.

4. AdRoll

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AdRoll is a digital marketing and growth platform that helps organizations find more customers and build profitable relationships by growing their email lists. It offers solutions that recover abandoned carts, bring website visitors back through retargeting campaigns, and strengthen customer loyalty through rewards and special offers.

There are a number of email capture options with customizable fields. AdRoll can also build segmented email lists for organizations using automation.

5. Sleeknote

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Sleeknote is a popup builder that organizations can use to create forms, slide-ins, sidebars, and more so they can convert website traffic into sales. “Their simple visual popup builder is one of the best available, and you can create customized designs to match your brand,” says Carroll. Organizations can develop popups for various customer personas to minimize abandoned carts or nurture their prospects.

Sleeknote also enables businesses to build segmented email lists for more targeted marketing campaigns, as well as to guide visitors to pages on their website that are relevant to their needs. Sleeknote has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor and offers a personalization feature so businesses can offer the right content at the right time to website visitors to increase conversion rates.

Ready to nurture your prospects and offer them valuable content in exchange for their email addresses? Now that you know which top email capture tools to look into, you’re ready to turn those prospects into paying customers. Get started by choosing the email capture tool that’s right for your organization’s needs.

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